Sometimes Mamma needs a date night with PEARL JAM!

It's no big secret that I'm a HUGE, MASSIVE, INSANE, Pearl Jam fan! Maybe it's my poster collection, the glass cabinet I have filled with Pearl Jam memorabilia or maybe it's my tattoos that give it away hahaha ;). So, it's pretty much a given that if the band is touring and has a show close to home I'm there. I did it before kids and vowed that I wouldn't stop after kids either. Earlier this ... Read the Post

It’s SUMMER TIME at The Little Gym of Vaughan!

The summer is officially here and that means 2 full months of having the kids ask you "Mom what are we doing today?". Well that's where I come in :) I'm sure you've heard me sing the praises of one of our (Samantha and I) favorite places...The Little Gym of Vaughan. We've been attending for over a year now and we absolutely love it. Now that summer is here so are their summer programs! Parent ... Read the Post

It’s a YUMMY MUMMY Holiday Shopping Playdate!

Join us at The Little Gym of Vaughan on Wednesday, November 21st from 10am to 3pm for a YUMMY MUMMY Holiday Shopping Playdate! This is going to be a one stop shop! And there's no better way to do it then while keeping your little ones busy with some play time :) To RSVP visit the Vaughan Mompreneurs Eventbrite page and scroll down to the “YUMMY MUMMY Holiday Shopping Playdate” event. Once ... Read the Post