Let’s talk Running With Violet…

RWV promo shot

Today I am featuring an interview with the two creators behind the hot new web series “Running With Violet,” which they describe as a cross between “Thelma and Louise” and “Fargo”…but with a toddler! Hope you mamas will check out this series written and produced by ladies!

Marie-Claire: So partner!

Rebecca: Howdy!

Marie-Claire: So can you give Chic Mammas a sense of our story?

Rebecca: Absolutely! Running With Violet centers around two small town women who take off for a girls’ weekend with a toddler in tow but then get caught up in a small town meth ring. So they think they’re escaping their responsibilities and problems, but end up encountering a host of even bigger problems!

Marie-Claire: That’s always annoying!

Rebecca: Haha! Yes, after writing the series, I definitely never want to get caught up in a meth ring!

Marie-Clarie: Good point, me either! Hm…okay. What are a few facts about our series that readers might find interesting?

violet and me on side of roadRebecca: Well, the toddler in the show is actually my toddler!

Marie-Claire: That’s definitely interesting! Indeed, it was a crazy ride shooting with a toddler for 14 days, wasn’t it?

Rebecca: Not to mention my own toddler. Definitely up there as one of the hardest things I’ve done.

Marie-Claire: Are we nuts for attempting it?

Rebecca: A bit! Though I have to say leading up to the shoot, I blocked out the realities of what our days on set would look…like how I was going to stay on top of my lines (my actor job), keep the show running smoothly (my producer job), all while keeping Violet happy and safe (my Mamma job).

Marie-Claire: So are you saying it was harder than expected?

Rebecca: YES!

Marie-Claire: But we did come up with some fun strategies, didn’t we?

Rebecca: Yes, we got very creative on set as we navigated shooting with Violet! In fact, we stopped using her name whenever possible so we wouldn’t draw attention to her and freak her out. Instead, we started calmly saying, ‘little pinkie is approaching the set.’ And then instead of calling action we would say ‘let’s fry some potatoes!’

Marie-Claire: That actually worked!

Rebecca: Yes, we fried a lot of potatoes! It’s some good frying we did!

Marie-Claire: So many fries!

RWV Still_Jolene&Miranda (1)Rebecca: Do you think the readers will like Running With Violet?

Marie-Claire: I think so! There’s lots of humour—more than you would expect considering the dark scenario.

Rebecca: It’s true, we find ways to bring the funny. For example, even when things get really serious, Violet still needs to pee and she can’t be without her screen time! And your character can be a bit ridiculous!

Marie-Claire: She can be a bit clueless. She starts off the series as an isolated housewife with an abusive husband–

Rebecca: –until she takes matters into her own hands!

Marie-Claire: In fact, some of the themes of our show include escape, finding freedom…

Rebecca: Finding freedom with a toddler!

Marie-Claire: That’s hard!

Rebecca: Yes, it is! I hope we’ve enticed you, Chic Mammas!

Marie-Claire: Please visit us over on our youtube channel to watch our episodes. The episodes are under ten minutes, so hopefully you can fit them in on a bathroom break—

Rebecca: Or when you’re hiding in your closet for some ‘me’ time.

Marie-Claire: What?

Rebecca: You do what you have to do, MC! You’ll see!

Marie-Claire: Okay!

Rebecca: Please watch and subscribe and tell your friends! We hope you love the show!

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Sexy Motha

Now who doesn’t love a little Joseph Gordon-Levitt?! Well Mammas this might make you love him just a little more…if that’s even possible haha!

Here’s your little Monday pick me up 😉 .

Have a great week!

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Eviction day is TOMORROW…GET OUT!!!


Before we get started I want to dedicate this blog entry to my sweet loving husband Nick who if he touches me again and get’s me pregnant I may just kill him 😉 . I love you hunny xoxo!

This is it, around 3 and I’m soooooo done! Yes, a child is a blessing that’s for sure and what a woman’s body can do it’s crazy amazing I get that too but to go as far as saying I love being pregnant…you won’t hear me utter those words…EVER lol! I HATE being pregnant, ya I said it, HATE! Let me break it down for you so maybe you can get a better idea of where I’m coming from here.


  • No sleep from day 1 – It’s so bad I don’t even need to take a pregnancy test to know I have a bun in the oven.
  • Gaining weight – Who doesn’t love getting fat? Ya, not me and I don’t care if it’s baby weight or not.
  • Heartburn – Yes, I especially love this in the middle of the night when you want to hurl.
  • Nausea – Because wanting to puke your guts out all the time feels fantastic.
  • Swelling – I’m not complaining so much this time as I haven’t swelled up like my past pregnancies but blowing up like a Good Year blimp or the Nutty Professor (that’s what Nick called me when I was pregnant with Samantha my first) is always a great look for us Mammas wouldn’t you say? LOL
  • Peeing 24/7 – Because the most comfortable place for baby is on your bladder and especially the middle of the night for some reason. You can sit on the toilet for 20 min just for a drip of urine to come out but you feel like you could pee out a river. Someone get me some Depends STAT!
  • Getting beat up from in the inside – Awwwww baby kicks! NO, not awwwww at all it’s facking annoying especially when they kick you in a vagina…like really kid?
  • Maternity Clothes – Ugly, gross and nasty unless you find a good maternity store like Luna Maternity & Nursing (ya of course I’m gonna plug one of our Vendors haha).
  • 10 Months – 9 months is a big fat lie…do the math it’s 40 weeks and 40 weeks is 10 months. I bet you it was a guy who came up with this 9 month bull shit!
  • Labour and Delivery – Because you didn’t just go through 10 months of garbage let’s throw more pain and agony your way.
  • Recovery – Oh sweetie it’s not over yet, now you need to recover! Whether it be from a vaginal birth where you TEARRRRR or a c-section where they cut through all your stomach muscles and have a 6 week recover period…it’s fantastic 😉 . The best is when you have other children at home already and the doctor tells you to take it easy and not lift anything heavy haha.
  • Stretch Marks – Because what fun is pregnancy without a souvenir to take with you for the rest of your life.
  • GIANORMOUS UTTERS – Wait did I say utters? I meant boobs! Because being a woman wasn’t hard enough let’s be part cow now too.


  • THE ARRIVAL OF YOUR BABY – Once your little shit head is out you don’t forget the pain but they do put a smile on your face and make it worth while.

So there you have it some con’s (SOME…cuz if I were to list them all I’d be here forever) and a pro. Maybe now people get why I’m not such a fan of this thing called pregnancy 😉 . This might also explain why I told my OB to not bother tying my tubes during my c-section tomorrow but just to TAKE THEM instead lol.

Now only if science could give us Mammas a break and let the Papa’s out there experience this, I doubt they’d last long but it sure would be fun to watch! Nick dear I know you’re reading this and as much as you joke and laugh at me I can tell you that you wouldn’t even last a day in my shoes…check out this video from The Try Guys and I dare you to even attempt it haha.

(thanks to Chic Mamma Carmen for this awesome video)

Now off to pack cuz this kid is coming tomorrow and I’m the WORST procrastinator in the world. Eviction day is almost here little one and it’s time to GET OUT cuz Mamma wants her body back and remember to be nice to me cuz I’m the one with milk on tap not Papa Nick. LOVE YOU xoxo


Yup, breastfeeding in public needs to STOP!

I just about pee’ed myself when I saw this YouTube video about why Mammas shouldn’t breastfeed in public. Many people might see the title of the video and go off thinking…OMG how dare someone create a video with 4 reasons why Mammas shouldn’t breastfeed in public but honestly you gotta watch it first. Kristina Kuzmic did an awesome job with this video and you’ll soon see why hahaha.

Alright Mammas, get comfy, grab your little one, go out in public, whip it out, breastfeed and enjoy 😉

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The Todd Shapiro Show – Breastmilk it does a body good!

As you know in a previous life I used to be a radio chick and occasionally still am when I visit my buddy Todd Shapiro of The Todd Shapiro Show. We talk all things Chic Mamma and have a few laughs here and there. Well last week I dropped in to see the guys and brought a little treat for Mr. Jay Brody…I’m talking about BREASTMILK 😉

Take a look and see what went down…

(The Todd Shapiro Show weekdays between 3pm to 6pm on Sirius XM Canada Laughs channel 168)

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Lost in Translation SO FUNNY!!! In English & Italian

Guest Blog Written By: Linda from Tra Di Noi


Imagine this….I’m in a store in Soverato & I see this bag of chips pop out at me…I start reading it, I say to myself “wow this bag of chips sounds so sexy & exotic….made with Mediterranean passion with fresh tomatoes”…I had to buy them…knowing full well that I shouldn’t (against my diet rules!) but, who can pass up a bag of chips with such exotic words…I open up the bag, so EXCITED to eat them with all the “Mediterranean passion” in the world & guess what ‘THEY WERE KETCHUP CHIPS!!” Hahahahah!!! I laughed so hard & I couldn’t even catch my breath, thank goodness no one knew what was going on in my head…ahhhh those Italians get us every time….even their chips sound so “EXOTIC”.

Immaginate la scena … Entro  in un negozio e vedo questo sacchetto di patatine … Sto leggendo e mi dico “ah, pero’ ….”fatta con passione mediterranea con pomodoro fresco” italiano suonava così sexy e romantico !!!!! Immaginate la mia sorpresa quando ho aperto la bustina  e SORPRESA sono patatine al KETCHUP !!!! Ho riso così forte proprio di gusto ….. Eh ma questi italiani …ci mettono nel “sacchetto” ogni volta!

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A Mamma parody you need to see…

I’m not one for parodies really, to be honest I find the majority of them lame and not very funny. It’s not often I come across good ones but when I do I need to share. I’m a huge fan of What’s Up Moms and think these Mammas just ROCK.

Here’s their latest video which is a Taylor Swift “Blank Space” parody and they once again did a fantastic job putting it together! Now these ladies know what I’m talking about!

Now off to Starbucks cuz this Mamma is going on ZERO sleep 😉 .

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You ate all the Nutella!

Do any of you have any Nutella obsessed freaks living with you? I do…a few actually…ok fine it’s the whole family lol! I blame it on the fact that we’re Italian and of course the television commercials that tell us how good Nutella is for us (made with roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa). Oh and did I mention the part that Nutella is a great source of energy? 😉

With that said I’m sure you can imagine what kind of hell breaks loose when we run out. I always do my best to make sure we have a supply on hand but stuff happens and sometimes you get a phone call like this from Sammy Baby…

Moral of the story…buy more Nutella before you run out LOL 😉 .

Now just for fun here are some interesting Nutella facts (courtesy of, enjoy!


Back in 1806, Napoleon tried to freeze out British commerce as a means to win the Napoleonic wars (and take over the world). The result was a disastrous continental blockade that caused the cost of chocolate to skyrocket and left Piedmontese chocolatiers in the lurch. Ever resourceful, chocolatiers in Turin started adding chopped hazelnuts to chocolate to stretch the supply as much as possible. The ensuing deliciousness was a fateful paste dubbed “gianduia.”

Over a century later, chocolate again became expensive and scarce due to rationing in Europe during World War II. An Italian pastry maker named Pietro Ferrero once again turned to the mighty hazelnut for salvation in 1946 and created Pasta Gianduja, renamed “Nutella” in 1964.


According to the Guinness World Records, Nutella’s 40th Anniversary breakfast celebration in Germany in 2005 currently holds the title of “Largest Continental Breakfast.” A total of 27,854 people gathered in Gelsenkirchen to enjoy a meal that consisted of little more than Nutella itself.


One jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds throughout the world. According to the United States Census Bureau, one person is born every eight seconds. You do the math.


Not only is it available for purchase and feverish consumption in 75 countries, all of the Nutella sold in a year could be spread over more than 1000 soccer fields.


In 2009, Nutella reportedly had the 3rd most “liked” Facebook fan page with a whopping two million fans, falling in just behind the fan pages of Barack Obama and Coca-Cola. While Nutella’s no longer ranks among the top pages these days, it does currently have a not-too-shabby tally of over 29 million Likes.


Two bloggers in Italy decided to take their love of Nutella to the next level in 2007, and created a worldwide day of celebration dedicated to the addictive substance. Thus, every year February 5th is a day for eating Nutella, sharing Nutella recipes and memories, and looking at photos of Nutella food-porn. In 2013, however, Nutella manufacturer Ferrero tried to shut down World Nutella Day before reconsidering.


The chocolate and hazelnut substance gianduia is named after a character from Italian commedia dell’arte named Gianduja. He is depicted as a smiling Piedmontese peasant with a three-point hat who rides around town on a donkey clutching a duja—which in the Piedmontese dialect means “container.” The duja was said to hold wine … but could have just as easily held a few pounds of that chocolatey hazelnut goodness, no? Gianduja masks are sold all over the Piedmont region of Italy, and his face was plastered all over early Nutella advertisements.


Nutella became so popular in Italy that Italian markets began to offer free “smears” of Nutella to any kid who showed up with a piece of bread. The phenomenon was referred to as “The Smearing,” and while it could potentially double as the name of a horror flick, was a highly successful marketing strategy. No wonder we’re all addicted.

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If Disney Princes & Princesses were real

Being the Mamma of two little Princesses you can bet you sweet behind that I’ve watched my share of Disney movies and am well versed in the world of Princes and Princesses haha. Well I recently came across these two videos of what Disney Princes and Princesses would be like if they were real and I won’t lie they’re pretty awesome! Aladdin, Jasmine and Pocahontas are fantastic LOL.

So here you go! Enjoy 🙂

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