Feeding the family…

Your alarm goes off and it's time to start another day...but not just an ordinary day. Because let's get real, that doesn't happen when you're a mom and you have kids to take care of! Your day constantly revolves around the little people who follow you around calling you "Mamma" from morning to night. Oh boy, has life changed since becoming a mom! Things that weren't important to us before are ... Read the Post

Calling all mermaids

March break is coming to an end and it has been a jam packed week filled with fun, fun and more fun! Today was no exception and our visit to Glama Gal Tween Spa Vaughan was the icing on the cake. It's one of our favourite places to visit and we've been going since Samantha was just 23 months old. If you've been reading my blog for a while then you've probably heard me talk about what a fantastic ... Read the Post

It’s time to love your HEART!

One quote that I love and live by is "eat well, laugh often, love much" and two weeks ago I did just that. I had the pleasure of attending the Canola Connect Culinary Workshop Series that was held at Kitchen 24 and it was an experience like no other. The minute I arrived I was asked a very important do you love our heart? After giving it some thought I came up with "surrounded by ... Read the Post