Is your child safe?

Just last week a video started making it's way around the internet and has already got over 5 million views! It's a social experiment conducted by JoeySalads about child abduction and frightening doesn't even being to describe it. Watch and see for yourself... As parents it's our responsibility to teach our children about being safe and the dangerous of talking to strangers so please sit ... Read the Post

Just in time for the SUMMER!

The weather is getting nicer and that means more time outside with the kiddies. They'll be running, playing, getting into tons of trouble (that last one is pretty much a given right? lol) and just being a kid. As parents, safety is always our number one priority and whatever we can do to ensure their safety we will. I recently came across a fantastic line called SafetyTats (from Mimosura Jewellery ... Read the Post

The Munchkin’s Saved the Day!

Great customer service is key and we all know that, but nowadays it isn't often that we experience it.  With Samantha now crawling around, we've been busy getting the house baby proofed, which means; getting those baby gates up and saying good bye to our nice looking home. I guess it comes with the territory now haha!  Let me tell you, this baby gate business isn't fun! Auto lock, alarms, ... Read the Post

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