The Munchkin’s Saved the Day!

Great customer service is key and we all know that, but nowadays it isn’t often that we experience it.  With Samantha now crawling around, we’ve been busy getting the house baby proofed, which means; getting those baby gates up and saying good bye to our nice looking home. I guess it comes with the territory now haha!  Let me tell you, this baby gate business isn’t fun! Auto lock, alarms, pressure, drill in, white, wood, black, metal, wide, tall and the list goes on and on, not to mention they aren’t cheap either! So, when I saw these new Munchkin Extender gates go on-sale at Babies r’ Us, I went and bought 3 but only 2 fit. I should have measured to see if they fit before going to buy them! That would have been the smart thing to do haha! And go figure, the most dangerous area of the 3 where we need a baby gate, the one going downstairs, doesn’t fit because it’s not wide enough. I’m a first time mom so what do I do? I start to panic and freak because this kid is now on the move and I don’t have a gate to block the stairs going down. So, I jumped online to see if I can find an extension for the gate or maybe a wider gate and I came across the Munchkin Extender Extra Tall and Wide gate on their site. Perfect, right? Ya, I thought so too but couldn’t find one anywhere. I even called Babies r’ Us where I orginially bought mine thinking that they must have them, but no luck. By the way, I’m actually still waiting for someone to get back to me from there about doing a special order! I think I might have to wait a while longer haha!. I also tried a few online stores in the USA who had them but guess what? They don’t ship here!  So, I called the Munchkin head office here in Canada (Brampton, Ontario) and spoke with Christian who took down my info and said that someone would get back to me to let me know where I could find one.  I was so happy and excited but didn’t want to get my hopes up because who knew if I was really going to get a call back, BUT I did! Leena from the Brampton office called me back with amazing news!  She said that they would be more than happy to exchange my regular Extender gate for the Extra Tall and Wide model and at no extra charge! WOW! Now that’s customer service! Not having to pay extra was a bonus but because they took the time to hear me out and got back to me with a solution. I was so happy that I drove over to their office right away! My gates are now all up and I feel much better knowing that my little Sammy Baby is free to roam and will be safe!

Thank you Munchkin Canada team! Christian and Leena you guys made my day!

A forever grateful Munchkin fan and customer,
Pina 🙂

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