The Gut/Skin Connection

Guest Blog Written By: Dr. Jen Cisternino Naturopathic Doctor Recently, there has been a lot of  “buzz” around the connection between digestive health and skin health. More research is being conducted showing a promising link between the two. I am sure we have all experienced this relationship at some point in our life, if not at the current moment. For example, you overindulge in some ... Read the Post

Glama Gal has your Clean Start!

Our skin is our largest organ and like anything it needs to be taken care of. The sooner you start taking care of it the better off you'll be and so this is why the awesome staff at Glama Gal Tween Spa are educating tweens and teens on the importance of skin care. Puberty and nutrition are just two of the many factors that affect our skin and for tweens and teens these two things can make life ... Read the Post

I’m GLOWING…and ummmm no I’m not pregnant lol

It's time to come clean, be open, honest and let you all know that I'm not proud to say it but I'm a skin care virgin! Yup, I know, hard to believe with such great skin haha.  All joking aside, I must say that growing up, I was blessed with pretty good skin and didn't really have blemishes to worry about.  I used cleansers, toners, and moisturizers but it was never a daily morning and evening ... Read the Post