I’m GLOWING…and ummmm no I’m not pregnant lol


It’s time to come clean, be open, honest and let you all know that I’m not proud to say it but I’m a skin care virgin! Yup, I know, hard to believe with such great skin haha.  All joking aside, I must say that growing up, I was blessed with pretty good skin and didn’t really have blemishes to worry about.  I used cleansers, toners, and moisturizers but it was never a daily morning and evening routine.  Not to mention the products weren’t anything special (I doubt they were even the right ones for my skin type).  Looking back, I was probably better off on the days that I didn’t use anything at all instead of putting all that crap on my skin.

Well those days are long gone and it wasn’t until after having my girls I noticed that my skin was different. I now had dry patches that just wouldn’t go away no matter what I did or what new products I tried. I hated it because I didn’t want anything that was thick and heavy leaving me with a greasy face and some stuff was so light weight that it felt as though it didn’t hydrate my skin at all. At the end of the day nothing was working and my dry spots were still there. I even made a few trips to expensive big name skin care/makeup boutiques hoping to find the magic products that would work on me, but instead I just left frustrated and empty handed. I didn’t realize how hard it is to find products that work, are more natural, and that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I had actually given up and it was then that I came across Mooi By Kristen Lee.

Let me tell you a little bit about Mooi. It a skin care line that was created and developed right here in Canada (London, Ontario to be exact) by Kristen Lee. Kristen not only has the education in health and science but she also worked in the pharmaceutical industry which is something you want in a person who has launched their own skin care line. Like me, Kristen was looking for something to help with her post baby skin (in her case adult acne) and she couldn’t find anything that worked and that’s when she began to work on Mooi.

My experience with Kristen and Mooi was great.  She asked me questions to find out what kind of skin I have and what my problem areas are so that she can properly assess me and give me her recommendations.  This was fantastic because I would have no idea what items to pick that work best for my skin and it was nice to deal with someone who knew what she was talking about (not like those boutique shops I visited).  A few short days later the products arrived at my door and I was thrilled to try them out.  My favorite part was the personalized letter from Kristen explaining each product and when and how I should use them (which she sends out with every order).  This was great because like I said, I had no previous experience with using a professional skin care line and having a regime.  It was kind of like, Mooi for Dummies (me being the dummy haha). The other bonus and really nice touch was that Kristen includes 3 free samples of products for you to test out…I LOVE THAT!


(Illuminating Facial Cleanser, Revitalizing Vitamin Enriched Toner, Mega Peptide & Collagen Serum, Ultimate SOS Serum, Moisture Rich Facial Cream, Forever Young SPF 30+ Sheer Moisture with BONUS samples of This Is It Miracle Serum, Complexion Perfection Moisturizer and Multi-Vitamin Facial Infusion Mask)

Well it’s been just over a week since I’ve been using Mooi (daily, morning and night) and I’m hooked, not to mention those dry spots are gone and it only took a few days!  I love this stuff especially the This Is It Miracle Serum or what I like to call it the OTHER liquid gold haha ;).  I’ve already had to get regular size bottle of it!  I’m so excited because I finally found a skincare line that meets all my needs…not full of all those crappy and harsh chemicals, stuff that actually works, not tested on animals, made local and priced just right 😉 PLUS, just yesterday my mom looked at me and said your skin is glowing what did you do?  So you know it’s good when it isn’t just you noticing the difference.

Thank you sooooo much Kristen for developing Mooi By Kristen Lee because it’s the best thing EVER!

For more information on Mooi By Kristen Lee be sure to check out their website, “LIKE” their facebook page and “FOLLOW” them on twitter!

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