I’m ready for you SPRING!

SpringCleaningSpring has officially sprung and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m loving the longer days, the bluer skies, and of course the sunshine…now only if the warmer temps would kick in (I know you know what I’m talking about). Honestly and all kidding aside there’s just something about the spring that makes me feel alive, happy and energized.

One thing that I look forward to doing with the arrival of spring is getting back outside after a long cold winter and finally being able to open up the windows to get some fresh air in the house. You know what else springtime means? Spring cleaning of course! Purging things we no longer need, organizing our messy piles of everything and anything that accumulated over the lazy months and getting into areas of the house that haven’t been touched in what seems like forever. It’s a lot of work and it can be a pain in the ass but once you have it done you can’t help but be in a better mood and feel great about your newly cleaned and tidy space.

If you’re anything like me you’re probably thinking, well…that’s all fine and dandy but what if I hate cleaning? Well, here’s a little secret for you…cleaning, isn’t on favourite things to do either, I know…shocker. Unfortunately the reality is that it needs to be done no matter how much it sucks. So, I’m here to figure this out with you. As a Mamma of 3 (ages 5, 3, and 1) you know how crazy and messy things can get so I’m going to share with you some tips, tricks and advice to help you keep things clean and smelling good and all while keeping costs down.

Here goes…

1. Tackle a bit at a time…

When you have little ones running around you need to be realistic and cleaning the house from top to bottom with them around will only stress you out and most likely won’t get your far. Create a schedule so you know that Tuesdays for example are bathroom days while Friday nights are reserved for vacuuming and washing floors (let’s get real we’re parents now and we’ll be home because hitting up the bar just ain’t happening anymore haha) and don’t forget to clean as you go (wash your dishes after you’re done eating, wipe down and tidy yup the kitchen once you’re done cooking, etc).

2. Make it a family effort…

You’re most likely not the only person living in your home right? Which means others are contributing to the mess and so it’s time everyone rolls up their sleeves and pitches in to help out. My husband absolutely hates cleaning the bathrooms so our deal is that I will do that while he takes care of things outside of our home. He’s also obsessed with loading the dishwasher so who am I to argue with him (it’s all yours babe 😉 haha). As for the kids you might think well they’re small, what could they possibly do to help? Let me tell you, there’s plenty! Have them do little things like tidy up their toys after they are done playing, putting their dirty clothes in the hamper, dishes in the sink after meals, etc. These little tasks will not only teach them responsibility but they will also love helping out Mamma and Papa.

3. Have fun…

We all know how exciting and thrilling it is to clean right? I’m clearing joking because we all know it’s not so why not do something about it. Open up the windows, let the fresh air come in and crank the radio. Music will always put a smile on your face and get you moving. Before you know it your dreaded task of cleaning will be a distance memory.

4. Make sure your tools are ready to go…

Before you load clothes into the washer, run the dishwasher or bust out the vacuum cleaner you may want to do some simple maintenance on them. Take the time to run a clean cycle on your washer/dishwasher and of course empty out and clean your vacuum cleaner. Over time things can get yucky and smelly and you don’t want that. Do a google search or check pinterest for some great ways to clean these appliances and trust me you’ll thank me down the road. This is a total must for every spring cleaning!

17495422_10155893828899838_1450218101_n5. Get your shopping list ready…

Last but not least you need to make sure you have the right supplies on hand. It can get overwhelming when you hit the cleaning aisle at the store…so many products and items that’s it’s easy to drop money on things you don’t need so let’s make it simple. Let’s get you in and out with what you need and without spending extra money. Get yourself a mop (I love microfibre ones that allow you to remove the pad for washing purposes), a bucket, some sponges, rubber gloves, cleaning cloths (good quality cotton or microfibre are both great), and most importantly a great multi-surface cleaner. To get you in the spring cleaning zone may I suggest going with one of my new faves which is Pine-Sol’s NEWEST scent…Spring Blossom. I absolutely love it! It’s powerful enough to cut through grease, grime and dirt and it’s perfect for cleaning your entire home and making it smell amazing. Who doesn’t love the scent of a spring bouquet of Jasmine, Magnolia and Orange Blossom? Thought so 😉 ! This Pine-Sol multi surface cleaner can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and everywhere in between which means one product instead of 5…your bank account will thank you for it.

So there you have it….my tips, tricks and advice for getting you started on spring cleaning. There’s no better way to welcome the season with a clean slate and the spring blossom scent. Also don’t forget to check out the Pine-Sol website for more info and some fantastic How-Tos on killing those nasty flu germs, getting stubborn fabric stains out, tackling backyard toys to getting your shine stainless steel and much, much more!

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Holiday Gift Guide with Sanat Kumara Crystals


For thousands of years we have been turning to crystals and gemstones for their special powers and healing properties. Rose quartz has been known as a stone of gentle love due to it’s ability to help heal the heart, bring love and also deal with grief. Smokey quartz is the stone of power, grounding, protection, which removes negative energy and emotional blockages while bringing in positive energy. Moonstone is the stone of hoping and wishing, feminine energy, psychic abilities, abundance, childbirth, fertility, pregnancy, hormone balance, power, calm and relief of emotional stress. There are many different crystals and gemstones, each with it’s own special power and healing properties. You’ll find some people like to carry loose stones with them while others like to wear them as a jewellery piece. No matter your preference, their powers and properties remain the same.

I have always loved crystals and stones, learning about them, buying them and of course wearing them. The spiritual and healing side of them has always been something that I have taken comfort in and been attracted to, which is why I’m thrilled to feature this local Toronto business Sanat Kumara Crystals in our Chic Mamma Holiday Gift Guide.

The great thing about crystals and stones is that they are for everyone…women, men, children and Sanat Kumara Crystals has something for everyone. What I love about them is that each piece has been created with the intention of awakening consciousness and healing the heart. Another interesting feature of their pieces is that they are blessed and infused with Reiki and Angelic High Frequency Healing.

I had the opportunity to shop the Sanat Kumara Crystals website and fell in love with pretty much everything they have, but I narrowed it down with my top picks which are perfect for gift giving this holiday season.

For those of you who know me personally you know how much I love bracelets. I love stacking and layering them and on any given day you’ll probably find me wearing at least 10 haha. Hands down bracelets for me are definitely my go to jewellery piece of choice which is why I absolutely love their crystal stone beaded bracelets. They come in a variety of different stones and sizes for women, men and children. Pick a stone that you like the look of or dig a little deeper and pick one that resonates with you based on the powers and properties it emits. At $28 a piece you can’t go wrong! These make fantastic teacher gifts and they always make for awesome gifts when you want to pick something up for yourself. Wear them alone or stack a few together…you make that call depending on your mood and what you’re feeling.

Beaded Crystal Bracelet $28 each (Rose Quartz, Hematite, Smokey Quartz and many more)

If bracelets aren’t your style than a great choker might be the way to go! Right now chokers are all the rage since their 90’s come back and probably one of the most popular accessories at the moment. Sanat Kumara Crystals has a great selection of crystals chokers as well other talisman like the Hamsa featured below (which protects its owner from the evil eye while bringing happiness, luck, health and good fortune). Beautiful, simple and fashionable!

Hamsa Protection Chokers $28 & Clear Quartz Crystal Choker $31

This set is something I love and will be gifting my girls with this Christmas. It’s an opalite (great for soothing nerves and depression while bringing joy and calmness) angel necklace with the matching beaded Mother Mary bracelet blessed with Mother Mary’s intentions of love and healing. Available for women as well and also in a variety of different crystals.

Beaded Opalite Mother Mary bracelet & Angel necklace set $51

This is a fantastic online shop that you need to check out. They are amazing, they know their crystals and can guide and educate you so that you can pick the perfect items for yourself or loved ones. Everything they offer are tools to help aid in spiritual awareness and opening, hiding you on the path of love.

Right now all orders placed up until Jan 30/17 will get FREE SHIPPING so check them out and SHOP LOCAL, SUPPORT LOCAL and SPEND LOCAL with Sanat Kumara Crystals.

For more information on Sanat Kumara Crystals visit them online,
“LIKE” them on facebook and “FOLLOW” them on instagram.

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Holiday Gift Guide with My Legwear Shop

downloadThe Christmas lists are never ending, the shopping is insane, the preparation is stressing you out and once again us Mammas are thinking about everyone and everything but ourselves. Well, it’s time to do something for yourself and maybe get yourself a little something this holiday season, which is why I’m featuring one of my favourite local online stores…My Legwear Shop!

My Legwear Shop is a homegrown Canadian company that was launched by founder Antonella, a Mamma just like us. Her desire for great fashion and comfort is what kick started My Legwear Shop. She was on a mission to find comfortable and quality clothing, at a price that wouldn’t break the bank, while being stylish and trendy. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for she knew that something had to change that. She knew that she would have to be the person to make that change.

My Legwear Shop is THE place to shop for athleisure, athletic wear, leggings, yoga pants, hosiery, stockings, tights, shape wear and much more. Tons of great and affordable items for both girls and women and I’m excited to fill you in on some my faves.

Let’s start with something from the Slymwear line which is exclusive to My Legwear Shop. I love this line because the quality is amazing. It’s made right here in Canada and the pieces from this collection are versatile, so you can wear them to workout in or just as everyday casual wear.

My fave pants from the Slymwear collection are the Tess Capri Premium Fit Leggings. These are fantastic and for a few reasons. The nylon used is silky and smooth while the spandex in the fabric ensures that your clothing will keep it’s shape forever, while the breathability ensures a faster drying time. You also don’t have to worry about fading, wrinkles, snags or pills. The thing that I absolutely love about these capri’s is that they NEVER creep up on you. I don’t know about you but putting on capri’s that ride up throughout the day are just annoying! With these it doesn’t matter how much you move around or how active you are…they stay in place all day long. LOVE!!!

Tess Capri Premium Leggings – Slymwear $66 (available in mosaic grey, citrus, lollipop)

Now let me introduce you to the Deanna Dance Bamboo top. This is a top that I think every woman needs in her closet. Again it’s from their exsluive Slymwear collection and I seriously don’t think I could live without it. It’s actually the most favourite top I own.  This top is very versatile, comfortable and fashionable. Wear it with a pair of yoga pants to yoga class, while you run your daily errands or dress it up with some jeans and heels. It’s soft and lightweight…which makes it perfect for layering with a great tank under it and it doesn’t cling making it super sexy and flattering on everyone who puts it on. The wide neckline also makes it a great off the shoulder top!

The Deanna Dance Bamboo Top – Slymwear $58 (available in black and cherry burst)

My Legwear Shop also carries a wide variety of other brands including Yummie Life by Heather Thompson. This line is fantastic and having discovered it, I am hooked. These leggings are not your regular leggings, these are magical lol…let me fill you in. So what makes Yummie Life leggings amazing and different from the others out there? Well it’s because they are considered shapewear and were created by a Mamma just like us who knows and understand what life is like after children…including the fun body changes 😉 . These quality made leggings will give you a look that no basic average legging could ever do for you. They will lift, shape, tuck and boost the confidence of any woman who puts them on. I honestly didn’t believe it until I tried them for myself and now I own 4 pairs. They come in a variety of different colours, lengths and fabric, like their Tony style which is a faux leather (which is also totally breathable). Again like everything My Legwear Shop has to offer they are super versatile. I’ve worn mine with with a tank top and flip flops or converse in the summer, with a great top and high boots or heels and I love to match it up with my Deanna Dance Bamboo Top featured above.

Yummie Life Leggings by Heather Thompson $65 to $100 (available in variety of colours and lengths)

There you have it, my top picks from My Legwear Shop for this year’s Holiday Gift Guide picked specifically for YOU! You, not the kids, not the husband, not the teachers but YOU! So stop what you’re doing, it can wait…it’s not gonna go anywhere and jump onto their site and do some shopping. You don’t have to worry about driving to a crazy busy mall and trying to navigate your way through the bumper to bumper parking lot or fight your way through frustrating line ups…you can shop in your pj’s while sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea by your side. You’ll be happy you did and you can find some great stuff to dress up this holiday season and dress down on those stay at home and veg days. PLUS we’ll be giving one lucky Chic Mamma reader the chance to WIN a $75 gift certificate from My Legwear Shop as a little treat from us to you, enter below.

Also don’t forget that if you have a Chic Mamma Card you can SAVE 15% off your order at time of purchase. Click here  for more info on this deal, many more and how to purchase your very own Chic Mamma Card.

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

*contest closes on December 25th and winner will be chosen the week of December 26th*

For more info on My Legwear Shop be sure to visit them online,
“LIKE” them on facebook and “FOLLOW” them on instagram and twitter.

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Éminence Organics has arrived at Glama Gal Tween Spa


3 kids in under 4 years means doing everything for your little ones and putting yourself on the back burner…we’ll at least that’s what it’s been like for me. I used to love hitting up the mall to shop, go for mani’s and pedi’s and of course spending time at the spa for massages and facials..USED TO! It’s a whole different ball game when you travel with your entourage (the kids) or when you try to find a sitter just so you can get some alone time.

Recently, I decided that this Mamma deserves some time out of the house and so I made an appointment to visit the ladies at Glama Gal Tween Spa. I know what you’re thinking…TWEEN SPA? Yup, tween spa! Glama Gal is no longer just for tweens and now provides services for Mammas like us (as well as teens) with the newest line they carry…Éminence Organics Skin Care. They also have a new private spa wellness and facial room and it’s amazing! I was so excited to hear about this because let’s face it, going for a facial is always awesome but a facial using quality organic products is sweet bonus. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before that our skin in the largest organ in our body and so what we put on it is really important, well at least it is to me. I care more now than ever to be healthy not only for myself but for my kids so making the right choices like choosing an Éminence facial over another that uses non-organic products is something I’m always looking for.

13382282_10154855505949838_545984052_nWhen arriving at Glama Gal (Vaughan location) I was greeted by Vanessa their Head Esthetician and first thing we did was discuss my skin, any issues with it and take a look to determine what the right products for me would be. Éminence carries products for all skin types from hyperpigmented skin, sensitive skin, aging skin, acne prone skin as well as hormonal acne skin. For myself we used a combination of products from a few different lines to come up with something specifically for my skin. I was able to see, touch, feel and smell everything which I loved because you really don’t get the opportunity to do this when you go for a facial. Usually you’re laying down with your eyes closed and have no idea what they are using on you. Being able to take a look at everything before hand really amazed me as I couldn’t believe that I could see the actual organic ingredients in the products like the seeds, pulps and peels. Everything is handmade and created in a way that the vitamins from these natural ingredients are not compromised so you are able to reap the benefits of the fruits and vegetables used to make these products. Oh and let me tell you…the smell, well it made me want to eat some of the products like their Strawberry Rhubarb Masque…which if you wanted to eat you totally could haha. As for the facial, it was fantastic! I was able to kick back, relax and enjoy some alone time while Vanessa did her thing…just what any Mamma needs and WANTS 😉 .

One thing that has really stuck with me from my visit that day was the story behind the Éminence brand. The president for Éminence, Boldijarre Koronczay, is a survivor of a rare form of childhood Leukemia and thanks his mother and grandmother for being here today. When Boldijarre was undergoing treatment he was put on a strict diet that consisted of organic and Biodynamic foods which helped him get better and stronger so that his body was able to fight the illness. Boldijarre strongly believes in nursing the body both inside and out in order to achieve total health and wellness and because of this and what he endured at a young age he created the Éminence Kids Foundation. Through the foundation they donate organic fruits, vegetables and food to sick children around the world. They believe that providing organic, locally-sourced and nutrient-rich foods for seriously ill children to eat is an essential part of their treatment, healing and long-lasting health. Another amazing thing they do is give back to our earth! For every Éminence product sold they plant a tree and just this past year they were able to hit an amazing milestone of 5 million trees…now that’s awesome!

emi-starter-kits-2So next time you’re in need of some MAMMA TIME definitely check this out! And hey if you can’t find that sitter for your little one don’t stress because the amazing team at Glama Gal understand what it’s like to be a Mamma which is why they take pride in being Mamma friendly. Babies are always more than welcome to come and stay with you in the room while you have your facial…pretty awesome right?! Or maybe your little one isn’t so little anymore? Why not book facials side-by-side and enjoy some time together. Don’t take my word for it, give them a call and go see for yourself! Where else can you get an hour long facial with amazing all natural and organic products for only $80 (or the duo for you and your daughter or friend for $145). While you’re there you can also pick up some of their great products to take home and without breaking the bank either…you can get starter kits for as low as $58.

Thanks for offering this great new service for us Mammas Glama Gal..this Mamma had a blast!

For more information or to book a Éminence facial be sure to visit
 Glama Gal Tween Spa online, “LIKE” them on facebook and
“FOLLOW” them on twitterinstagram and pinterest.

Be Confident! Be Positive! Be YOU!

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My lashes? It’s a LONG STORY ;)

Makeup? Who the hell has time to put on a full face of makeup when you have a 4 year old, 2 year old and 4 month old…not this Chic Mamma that’s for sure haha! I’ve always been a pretty plain and simple kind a girl, especially when it comes to make up…less is more right? I stick with my concelear to hide my Chic Mamma dark circles, brush on some bronzer to add some colour, throw some lipgloss on and of course we can’t forget the MASCARA! 31b7s5fBa9L

Mascara is probably my most fave item in my makeup bag. What a difference it can make to a look! You could look like complete crap with hair up in a messy bun, a tee and some jeans but the minute you put your mascara on you somehow transform yourself from hot mess Mamma to Chic I’m rockin’ this look Mamma haha.

I recently finished my tube of mascara and though, this might be a good opportunity to try out something new and I’m so glad I did! I called up my girl Natasha Kovar of Arbonne (ok honest to God she’s the MOST AMAZING ARBONNE consultant you will ever meet) and asked her about the Arbonne mascara (It’s A Long Story) I keep hearing about. She gave me the run down and I placed my order.

IMG_5671The minute it came, I ran up to my bathroom (like a giddy school girl) and had to try it out. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it. It curls my lashes that love to poke straight out, adds length, doesn’t smudge, dries well, no flaking or raccoon eyes, separates and defines my lashes and DOESN’T clump them together making them look all gross (thanks to their fantastic wand). Apply a single coat for a more natural look (the look I always go for) or put two or three for a thicker and more dramatic look. It’s also water resistant which is great because anything water proof scares me (thanks but no thanks…not about all those chemicals so close to my eyes) plus it lasts all day long so you’re covered from morning to night with super easy removal. Take a look at my before and after pic and see for yourself…pretty awesome right?!

Since using it I’ve had so many compliments and some people have actually asked if I got extensions lol. I’m in LOVE! I used to spend so much money on designer brands that yes were great and I loved the results but they were missing a green and more natural side to them. It’s A Long Story has that (just like the rest of the Arbonne line) and it’s also vegan which a bonus for those of you who are big on that.

If you’re looking to try out something new give Natasha a call and order yourself a tube, you’ll be so happy you did. This way next time someone stops you to ask about your amazing lashes you too can tell them…It’s A Long Story 😉

While you’re at it be sure to get some of their FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Cream too…best stuff out there! Oh and don’t forget to ask her how you can shop at 20% OFF as a preferred client 🙂

For more information on Natasha Kovar of Arbonne
be sure to visit her online and “LIKE” her on Facebook.

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FINALLY a Chic Mamma approved kid nail polish!



For those of you who don’t know much about me, I’m a Mamma of 2 amazing girlie girls (Samantha 4 and Liliana 2) and one of our fave things to do together is paint our nails!

Recently, I was introduced to a brand new line exclusive to Vendor LUX Spa and it’s called SunCoat Girl. I’m all about trying to find the best products on the market because the last thing I want to do is go near my girls with anything that’s not good for them. I’ve tried a variety of natural nail polishes out there that are branded Non-Toxic but I find they either wash off 5 minutes after you put it on, are over priced, you need to buy their special Non-Toxic nail polish remover that costs an arm and leg or if it’s the peel off kind it actually peels off a layer of your little one’s nail which I’m not really interested in. So, when I heard about this new line I just knew it was something we had to try and test out and boy am I glad we did 🙂 !

SunCoat Girl Water-Based Non-Toxic nail polish is now our go to polish for all our Mamma and Me mani’s and pedi’s in the Chic Mamma house. They come in a variety of amazing colours, the price point is fantastic (for example the SunCoat Girl Party Pak you see above includes 10 nail polish colours, 2 nail art decal stickers and a nail file for ONLY $16.99 plus taxes at LUX Spa) and there is no need to buy any pricy and special nail polish remover because this is a peel off polish that DOES NOT peel off a layer of your child’s nail. It’s product that as a Mamma I’m not worried about putting on my girls and that says a lot.

One of my fave things about this line that is you can also match some of their amazing colour to the line they have for adults so if you want a matching Mamma and Me mani or pedi you can totally do that.

For more information or to get your hands on some of this amazing kid friendly and Chic Mamma approved Water-Based Non-Toxic nail polish be sure to reach out to the awesome team at LUX Spa.

Also RIGHT NOW with the purchase of any SunCoat Girl Party Pak you’ll get a COMPLIMENTARY LUX-girl Mani just be sure to mention Chic Mamma 😉 .

Happy painting!

Visit LUX Spa online,
“LIKE” them on Facebook, “FOLLOW” them on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Your Kid Summer Essentials Are HERE!

This is it, school is already out for many as the rest get ready for their final day before calling it a year. We’ve already talked about all the different an amazing summer camps available for the kidos but what we haven’t discussed are summer essentials for the kids! I’m talking about the those must have items that will not only make your life easier this summer and help you survive but items that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without 😉 .

We’ve teamed up with our good friends at Signature Little Ones to bring you our Top 3 items.



The all-in-one bed, blanket and pillow set, Napbag, is ideal for travel, daycare, preschool and of course those memorable summer sleepovers 🙂 . You can use for a nap, or just to cuddle up in when watching a movie. It’s made of cozy, soft and durable double sided Minky Fabric, and also includes a pillow and an inside pocket. When naptime or playtime is over, the roll-n-tote design allows for easy transit. It’s an all inclusive sleeping system for your Little Ones to cherish.

To make this gift even more unique, simply personalize it with your Little Ones name or initials. Napbags come in 5 different designs for both boys and girls. These are easy to care for and fully washable (just remove the pillow).



These robes are a part of the Signature Robe Collections and are not only durable, long lasting and fabulous; they are chic, luxurious, soft and cuddly. These robes are great for lounging around, drying yourself off after a nice bath or even after a swim. These Collections are designed for your Little Ones and for adults to. They come with Dimple Velour on the outside and white terry cloth on the inside.

The Dimple Dot Velour Robes are one of their Best Sellers, are Canadian Made, and start at $45.

Each robe is handmade, incredibly durable, and sure to keep any child cozy and warm. All robes are hooded. These robes are beautiful, fast drying and absorbent; they will last anyone a long time as they are made to fit but with room to grow!



The Weekender Bag ~

It’s an obscure rite of passage, that time when a child is old enough to have their very own traveling bag. At Signature Little Ones, they make it a special gift occasion with their super stylish and extremely functional Weekender Bag. Designed from incredibly durable water-resistant polyester, the interior is roomy enough to handle all of your kid’s clothing, while the jumbo side and front pockets allow lots of space for mobile devices and the “need it handy” accessories. Available in three of Signature Little Ones’ most popular patterns, the Pink Giraffes and Big Dots for the girls, plus the Camo Grey for the boys. The Weekender Bag is the perfect size for easy overhead or under-seat storage, making it ideal for overnight adventures, school trips or family vacations. Crank up the awesomeness of the gift with personalized embroidery in a wide range of colors and font styles to express your child’s individuality.

The Duffel Bag ~ 

Your kids will be fashionably ready for school, after school sports and even vacation with these fun and creatively designed duffel bags. The kids’ duffel bags are designed and crafted with your Signature Little Ones in mind: creative designs available in fun colors like green, pink, and blue and orange. These duffel bags are perfect for kids on the go! 

More than the fun colors, Signature Little Ones carries duffel bags for kids that reflect designs they are familiar with. Some of the top designs they carry include Dino-Mite, Paisley, Trains, Planes & Trucks, Heroes, Butterfly Garden and Under Construction duffel bags. Each duffel bag carries a theme that your kids can appreciate. All duffel bags offered are designed for preschoolers, ages 3 up. The duffel bags are designed to be durable, and feature a moisture-resistant interior, detachable padded shoulder strap, two handles and a zipper closure pocket.

These are fun duffel bags for kids that can be used for different activities, for weekend getaways with the rest of the family, school and trips to the pool.

There you have it our Top 3 Kid Summer Essentials from our friends at Signature Little Ones! These 3 basic items will have you and your kids ready to take on the summer 😉 . Now the important question…how do you get these great items? Just visit Signature Little Ones online and shop from their amazing online store, PLUS right now when you order any of these 3 amazing kid summer essentials you’ll get FREE embroidery (1 name) as a part of their Chic Mamma SWEET DEAL (see the Sweet Deals page for full details).

Want to order or get more info? Check out Signature Little Ones online,
“LIKE” them on facebook and “FOLLOW” them on twitter.


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Vaughan’s Hidden Gem

I must say that I’m proud to live in the “City Above Toronto” (as it used to be called haha) otherwise known as Vaughan. Vaughan has been my home for a good part of my life and there is no other place that I would want to be with my family, let alone raise my girls. We have everything here; fantastic schools, parks, great shopping, an amusement park, culture, history and now one of my faves and somewhat of a hidden gem…Novotel Vaughan!

Novotel Vaughan is a name I’m sure you’ve heard of and have probably seen it from the highway or on a recent trip to Vaughan Mills. You probably haven’t even given it a second thought, it’s just a hotel and if you are a Vaughan resident like me you really have no use for a hotel, right? Well not quite! I had the recent pleasure of visiting Novotel Vaughan and I was very impressed. It was stunning! It’s sleek, sexy and oh so CHIC 🙂  So c’mon how could I not like it lol!

You walk into a beautiful lobby, are greeted by their amazing staff and immediately to your left you see Trio Restaurant/Lounge Bar and let me tell you it doesn’t look like anything you would expect to see in a hotel. As I stood there admiring the view and checking out the terrace, I couldn’t help but think; how did I not know of this place? It’s the perfect place for a date night, party, or even upcoming event. I’m so used to going to the same old local restaurants and banquet halls and I’m over them…I want something new and upcoming and this is it, it’s a hidden gem! The best part is that Novotel Vaughan also has gorgeous event spaces that can be used for larger functions including weddings.


So next time you are racking your brain trying to think of a place to check out for a date night, a venue for your hubby’s birthday, maybe even a baptism or baby shower you need to check it out. The food is amazing, the sights are fantastic and you’ll definitely walk away happy and so will your guests. Oh yeah did I mention they also have rooms if you need a great place to stay for a night or two? Haha! No, but really if you have friends or family coming to visit from out of town they will take great care of them. Indoor saltwater pool, complimentary WIFI, walking distance to Vaughan Mills mall, 5 minutes from Canada’s Wonderland, oh and this is awesome…accommodations and breakfast are free for 2 children under 16 years old sharing a room with their parents or grandparents.

For more info visit them online and be sure to “LIKE” them on facebook.

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I’m GLOWING…and ummmm no I’m not pregnant lol


It’s time to come clean, be open, honest and let you all know that I’m not proud to say it but I’m a skin care virgin! Yup, I know, hard to believe with such great skin haha.  All joking aside, I must say that growing up, I was blessed with pretty good skin and didn’t really have blemishes to worry about.  I used cleansers, toners, and moisturizers but it was never a daily morning and evening routine.  Not to mention the products weren’t anything special (I doubt they were even the right ones for my skin type).  Looking back, I was probably better off on the days that I didn’t use anything at all instead of putting all that crap on my skin.

Well those days are long gone and it wasn’t until after having my girls I noticed that my skin was different. I now had dry patches that just wouldn’t go away no matter what I did or what new products I tried. I hated it because I didn’t want anything that was thick and heavy leaving me with a greasy face and some stuff was so light weight that it felt as though it didn’t hydrate my skin at all. At the end of the day nothing was working and my dry spots were still there. I even made a few trips to expensive big name skin care/makeup boutiques hoping to find the magic products that would work on me, but instead I just left frustrated and empty handed. I didn’t realize how hard it is to find products that work, are more natural, and that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I had actually given up and it was then that I came across Mooi By Kristen Lee.

Let me tell you a little bit about Mooi. It a skin care line that was created and developed right here in Canada (London, Ontario to be exact) by Kristen Lee. Kristen not only has the education in health and science but she also worked in the pharmaceutical industry which is something you want in a person who has launched their own skin care line. Like me, Kristen was looking for something to help with her post baby skin (in her case adult acne) and she couldn’t find anything that worked and that’s when she began to work on Mooi.

My experience with Kristen and Mooi was great.  She asked me questions to find out what kind of skin I have and what my problem areas are so that she can properly assess me and give me her recommendations.  This was fantastic because I would have no idea what items to pick that work best for my skin and it was nice to deal with someone who knew what she was talking about (not like those boutique shops I visited).  A few short days later the products arrived at my door and I was thrilled to try them out.  My favorite part was the personalized letter from Kristen explaining each product and when and how I should use them (which she sends out with every order).  This was great because like I said, I had no previous experience with using a professional skin care line and having a regime.  It was kind of like, Mooi for Dummies (me being the dummy haha). The other bonus and really nice touch was that Kristen includes 3 free samples of products for you to test out…I LOVE THAT!


(Illuminating Facial Cleanser, Revitalizing Vitamin Enriched Toner, Mega Peptide & Collagen Serum, Ultimate SOS Serum, Moisture Rich Facial Cream, Forever Young SPF 30+ Sheer Moisture with BONUS samples of This Is It Miracle Serum, Complexion Perfection Moisturizer and Multi-Vitamin Facial Infusion Mask)

Well it’s been just over a week since I’ve been using Mooi (daily, morning and night) and I’m hooked, not to mention those dry spots are gone and it only took a few days!  I love this stuff especially the This Is It Miracle Serum or what I like to call it the OTHER liquid gold haha ;).  I’ve already had to get regular size bottle of it!  I’m so excited because I finally found a skincare line that meets all my needs…not full of all those crappy and harsh chemicals, stuff that actually works, not tested on animals, made local and priced just right 😉 PLUS, just yesterday my mom looked at me and said your skin is glowing what did you do?  So you know it’s good when it isn’t just you noticing the difference.

Thank you sooooo much Kristen for developing Mooi By Kristen Lee because it’s the best thing EVER!

For more information on Mooi By Kristen Lee be sure to check out their website, “LIKE” their facebook page and “FOLLOW” them on twitter!

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Munchkin Monday ~ Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail


It’s time for another great and fab Munchkin Monday review and today it’s all about the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail! Yes, there are tons of diaper pails out there but let me tell you why I believe this one is the one for you and your nursery.

A while back I purchased a diaper pail for my nursery and it wasn’t very cheap not to mention the odor that came out of it every single time I opened it up just killed me…I’m not exaggerating when I say there were more than a few times I had to run to the closest bathroom to be sick. Needless to say that diaper pail didn’t even last a full month in this house!

Now, the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail on other hand doesn’t have that problem. This diaper pail has a patented odor control system that features the power of Arm & Hammer Baking soda and a self-sealing lid that locks in odors (thank you sooooo very much haha) so you don’t have to worry about a stinky nursery because aren’t diapers stinky enough? Not only is it super easy to use but my favorite part is the Arm & Hammer baking soda cartridge that safely absorbs odors and dispenses natural baking soda each time the lid is closed. It’s awesome and I love it but don’t take my word for it watch this video below and see for yourself…did I mention that it’s won numerous awards?

So when you’re putting together that baby registry of yours or are shopping for gift to buy a Mamma-To-Be check out the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail you’ll be happy you did 🙂 Plus RIGHT NOW the Munchkin Canada facebook page has their “Sweet Not Smelly Nursery Giveaway” on where they will be giving away Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pails every day between April 29th and May 29th so be sure to enter and GOOD LUCK!

For more information on Munchkin products you can click here to check out their website,
“LIKE” them on facebook and be sure to “FOLLOW” them on twitter.

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