The Battle Of Nutellas

Nutella, one of the greatest inventions of all times...well at least according to me :) lol. I love Nutella and fell in love with it at a young age (thank you Mamma and Papa for introducing it to me) and have some wonderful and fond memories of growing up with it. I remember going to visit my grandparents in Italy and my Nonno Franco buying it for us. The deal was for us kids to eat it and then ... Read the Post

My Big Fat Italian Baptism

Guest Blog Written By: Loretta Di Vita (original source Panoram Italia) I can hear my parents from my crib, gushing about the fact that today is my baptism day. Considering all the fuss they're making, you'd think it was my wedding day. "She has to make bella figura," Mommy tells Daddy, as she readies me for the joyful event. Sheez, I'm an infant and already I'm expected to make a good ... Read the Post