A Boob is a Boob…right?

Last week I blogged about breastfeeding in public and included a social experiment video by JoeySalads. It was crazy to see the reaction a new Mamma received for breastfeeding her child in public...well at least it was crazy to me. When I see a Mamma breastfeeding in public, I simply see a Mamma feeding her child and providing for her little baby...nothing less, nothing more and definitely nothing ... Read the Post

Rolling into 2016 with Valco Baby Canada

It's a new year and with that comes new and exciting things like the return of Valco Baby products to Canada and we couldn't be more excited! All the way from Australia, this family owned and operated business of over 30 years is back after a short hiatus here in Canada. In the past 30 years they've worked hard at what they know best; strollers and stroller accessories. I am super excited ... Read the Post

Cuz babies need to eat too…

Hunger, it's a funny thing as it can strike at any time. As adults we have the freedom to grab food, feed ourselves and be on our merry way, but it's a totally different ball game for babies. They can't speak to tell us and they definitely can't feed themselves. As a breastfeeding Mamma I often get the nasty looks and glares when I stop to feed my little one in pubic.  Lucky for me, I have what ... Read the Post