North Bound To Little Lake…

IMG_5049Heading up the 400 is a drive I take often, but never did I know that in just under 90 minutes I would be arriving at the beautiful future site of The Seasons on Little Lake in Midland, Ontario. Back in January, I was told about a great new community under development – The Seasons on Little Lake. This up and coming development will offer amazing homes in a beautiful community at affordable prices. I remember checking out the website and seeing the renderings and thinking hmmm this is too good to be true!

  • 90 minutes away from the city
  • a great community perfect for young families
  • 5 minutes from downtown Midland and Georgian Bay
  • located on Little Lake
  • featuring a 941 foot boardwalk on 2,300 feet of shoreline
  • surrounded by natural parkland and green space
  • summer time fun with boating, fishing and golfing nearby
  • short car ride away from hitting the slopes in the winter
  • maintenance included so you don’t have to worry about snow removal and mowing the lawn
  • 10,000 sq.ft. members club with indoor and outdoor pools, fitness facility, tennis centre, recreational area, meeting rooms and more


All of that and more! So you can believe that I jumped at the opportunity when I was invited to see things for myself. At first I was going to go on my own, but after some thought, I decided that it might actually be a great thing to do with the family and so we made a day of it. We were there in no time and met up with Keith at the presentation centre. We were given a personal tour of the presentation centre and also got to head out to the site where they will be breaking ground in the coming weeks. We were able to see the location of the first phase of this 247 acre master planned community featuring up to 1,200 new homes. The location is absolutely stunning and when they say it’s right on Little Lake…it’s RIGHT ON Little Lake.

SEASONS_C2_EXT_151105-FINAL-HRThe more I got to look around and learn about The Seasons on Little Lake the more I was realizing that this could possibly be the next hot community and location for young families looking for a great place to raise their kids. With homes at just over 700 sq.ft. starting in the low $200,000’s to 2,000 sq.ft. at just over $400,000 there is definitely something for everyone. Whether it is a young family looking for a home at an amazing price, maybe someone looking for more of a cottage property, a retiree looking to escape the city life or even someone who is just looking to invest and rent out to one of the local Georgian College students, it’s a great choice. Actually it’s more of a no brainer…with elementary schools, high schools, a college, banks, a hospital and tons of shopping and restaurants, you have everything you need so why not?!

One of the things I was super impressed with besides the price and location (obviously haha) was what I saw in the presentation centre. While chatting with Keith, I commented on how much I loved the space and the finishes only to learn that everything I was seeing was standard and not upgrades…WHAT?!



So if you’re looking to make a move, looking for something different than the city life, you need to check this place out. I won’t lie I would LOVE to have one of the smaller units as my Chic Mamma headquarters…how awesome would that be 😉 haha. You have everything you need nearby like you would in the city but the serene setting by the lake like you’re at the cottage. PLUS one very important bonus to all this…you’re in Midland…home of the best Buttertart Festival which we totally checked out.


For a more in depth look on our day at The Seasons On Little Lake be sure to click on the video below…

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by The Seasons On Little Lake but the opinions expressed are my own.

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Ready to grab your $10?



Look around you…there’s probably a lot of stuff you could do without right? But why throw it out when you can make money off these items. Yup, I said it! Make money and declutter all at the same time. Now what if I said you could make money by just posting some items for sale on even without selling anything at all!

Right now all NEW VarageSale users that sign up, join the Scarborough community, and post 3 different items you’d like to sell will be paid $10.

Naturally, you’ll keep all the cash from the items you sell on VarageSale, so it’s a real win-win.

This offer ends on June 12th, so don’t delay! If you haven’t already signed up and joined your community, why not take a moment to do it now?

Get your $10 here!

Happy posting!
The VarageSale Team 

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Feel Like a Million Bucks…Without Spending a Million Bucks

Guest Blog Written By: VarageSale


Tired of furnishing your home with the same old stuff? Want to surprise your kids with that toy they’ve been dreaming of? Wish your wardrobe made you feel like a million bucks?

Then you’re in luck! The best buy and sell experience out there is now in a neighbourhood near you.

Created by a mom in 2012, VarageSale is the fun way to to find amazing deals on stuff you love. It’s also safe. View a seller’s profile before you meet so you know you’re dealing with a real person.

The best part? It’s free to use and oh-so easy to use!

But—wait for it—did you know VarageSale is launching in your neighbourhood? Sign up right away for exclusive access to a ton of great deals and (my sources tell me) a few “super cool surprises.” That’s right, to celebrate our new community, VarageSale is holding a 48 Hour Sale on May 5th… and you’re invited. Until then, start shopping!

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Spring is in the air — pollen and all. And spring means spring cleaning

Guest Blog Written By: VarageSale

Did you know? Thousands of buyers will come to VarageSale for a 48 Hour Preview Sale on May 5th at 7pm. Post your items now to make some extra cash during the buyer rush.

Every item you post before May 7th at 7pm, including stuff you may have already added, is another entry to win a prizes!

Launching May 7th at 7pm in communities across the GTA, including Ajax, Newmarket, Scarborough and Vaughan with a special 48 hour Preview Sale on May 5th.

VarageSale is here to bring people together to buy, sell and connect people to their local community — all the while having fun. Already popular in 400+ cities, VarageSale helps you find great deals on everything from clothes, shoes, purses, baby items, home decor and more.

Happy posting!
The VarageSale Team

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VarageSale is coming YOUR way!

It’s all about decluttering, making money and meeting new people in your community…in other words VarageSale! You’ve heard me sing their praises here before and it’s obvious why, it’s a buy and sell platform like no other. As a Mamma I love being able to do things locally and in a safe and monitored environment.  Well guess what?  VarageSale is opening up 4 NEW communities and they’re coming YOUR way!

Launching May 7th at 7:00pm in communities across the GTA, including AjaxNewmarketScarborough and Vaughan with a special 48 hour Preview Sale on May 5th.

VarageSale is here to bring people together to buy, sell and connect people to their local community — all the while having fun. Already popular in 400+ cities, VarageSale helps you find great deals on everything from clothes, shoes, purses, baby items, home decor and more.

Post items for sale today and you’ll get first pick at the deals during that 48 hour Preview Sale.

So what are you waiting for just click on the community closest to you and let’s get started ;).

Can’t wait to see you in VarageSale land!

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5 Photo Mistakes that May Be Costing You a Sale

Guest Blog Written By: VarageSale


We take the time to list our items online because, well, we want them to sell! So if you’re tired of staring at that $200 juicer you never once used, make sure your listing packs a punch. Keep in mind that the photo you use is a potential buyer’s first impression, so it’s important to avoid these five common mistakes when snapping a shot.

1. Blurry images

If your item’s image is blurry, most people won’t bother contacting you to learn more. Make sure your photo is clear by holding your camera steady and taking a few different shots (so you can choose the best one later). If you don’t have a good camera on your phone, either borrow one from a friend or use a standard camera.

Don’t be tempted to lift an image of the item of off the Internet unless your item matches the condition perfectly. If you’re selling a used baby carrier and have a photo of a brand new one, you’re misleading your potential buyer.

2. Clutter in the background

People want to know that the item is coming from a clean environment. Before taking a photo, move any newspapers, coffee mugs, or other clutter away so that the background looks nice and tidy. You wouldn’t want to enter a store with debris piled all over the shelves. The importance of good presentation is no different when it comes to used goods.

And while you may be very proud of your beautiful pets and children, it’s always better to leave them out of the photo. Generally, buyers don’t want to visualize your sweet pea’s spit up on the blanket you’re selling or worry about white cat hairs on that black coat they can’t wait to buy.

Bonus! Do a good sweep of the area to ensure that you don’t have anything that could compromise your security (or privacy) in the pic. This includes checks, social insurance cards, and credit cards.

3. A dishonest description

People don’t expect items to be as good as new—they’re used after all! Still, be upfront about just how used, old, or faded an item happens to be so buyers don’t waste their time driving over to check out an item that they would otherwise have no interest in. If your item is, in fact, NWT (New With Tags), include the tags in the photo to pique more interest.

If your item needs repair, it can be helpful to include a close-up of the damaged section. The truth will come out during the initial inspection anyway. Some people enjoy a little fixer upper.

4. Mirror madness

A few years ago, a seller on a popular website snapped a photo of an item she was selling without realizing there was a mirror in the foreground. Unfortunately, she was *ahem* nude during the photo session and unknowingly gave the entire world a peek at her birthday suit.

It’s your right to walk around your home in the buff, but you’ll want to make sure the only goods on display in your photo are the ones that you’re selling. 😉

5. Treating your item like trash  

Remember the old adage “one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure”? That just might be the case when it comes to your items—as long as they don’t look like they’re ready for the bin. Photos of dingy, dirty items will be passed over more often than not, so pretty them up before taking a picture. And put some elbow grease into it if need be!

Selling a DVD player? Wipe off any dust. Listing a pair of tennis shoes? Give them a small rub down with a Magic Eraser. Posting baby clothes that have been packed away for years? Iron them to get the creases out. Just five minutes of TLC will help your items sell faster… and isn’t that the goal?

Good luck and happy selling!

For more information on VarageSale be sure to check them out online,
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Smart Shopping with VarageSale


Like the majority of women out there, I enjoy shopping but there’s a catch…if it’s not a deal then I’m not interested! This is where VarageSale comes in. The VarageSale buy and sell platform is a great way to shop and here are my Top 6 reasons why…

  1. Buy awesome items at fraction of the cost you would in stores.
  2. Buy locally.
  3. Meet new friends in your area.
  4. Shop in a safe and secure community.
  5. Shop when you want and where you want using your computer or the VarageSale phone app.
  6. It’s totally FREE to use.

Now if that’s not reason enough to use and shop VarageSale then you need to check out the awesome items they have up for grabs. Everything from home decor, furniture, appliances, clothing, kids items, toys, books, tickets for events and much, much more! You can even find items that are brand new…now who doesn’t like that?!

Here’s a little a taste of what you can expect from VarageSale.


Brand NEW with tags Dojo Seven Jeans


Retro Play Kitchen

ebf6f08671974e3dfc4bdfc241185121Adidas Adipure Trainder 360K Shoes Brand New In Box!

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 10.07.28 PM
Michael Kors Fulton Wristlet

So now you’ve found an item or maybe a few that you’re interested in, but what’s next? Well it’s simple, sign up for your FREE VarageSale account and the rest is as easy as a click of your mouse or tap of your finger (free mobile apps are available for iPhone and Android users) to connect with the seller and arrange a meet up. A great feature about VarageSale is that they use Facebook Connect which allows you to put a face to a name and will also tell you if you and the seller have any friends in common. Plus Facebook Connect doesn’t publish anything to your profile so you don’t have it worry about anything sneaky like that. This alone makes your VarageSale experience a safe and secure one verses buying from someone you know absolutely nothing about.

So next time you’re in the market for something or even need a little retail therapy, do yourself a favour, and check out VarageSale.  It costs nothing to sign up and with over 350 communities around the world (including Richmond Hill, Ontario that just launched) you’ll be sure to find one near you which means you can start buying and selling locally from other Chic Mammas like you.

For more information on VarageSale be sure to check them out online,
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8 Ways You Know It’s Time To Declutter

Guest Blog Written By: VarageSale

8-ways-you-know-its-time-to-declutter copy

We’ve all been there: so overwhelmed by household items that you’re ready to pack up what you need and abandon ship. Okay, okay. Maybe that’s a bit drastic, but clutter has a way of sneaking up on us. It forms mountains in our homes and makes us feel simultaneously boxed in and out of control. Not sure if you’re there yet? Below are eight ways you know it’s time to sort through the piles.

1. No matter how much you clean, it doesn’t feel tidy.

You’ve picked up, vacuumed, swept, wiped down, and polished but the house just doesn’t feel clean. This is probably because you’re living in what may as well be a storage locker. Time to take inventory and clear things out. While you might be tempted to arrange a controlled burn in your backyard, it’s probably simpler to just sell what you don’t need on a site like VarageSale.

2. You can’t remember what your countertops look like anymore.

If your kitchen counters are “decorated” with mail, trinkets, and appliances—to the point that you can’t even find space to cook—you need to do something about it. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually see the granite you forked out so much of your hard-earned cash for?

3. Your dining room table looks like a thrift store display.

Sitting around the table as a family for dinner is wonderful, but who wants to eat a meal with a stack of toy cars, coloring books, and unfolded laundry in view? It’s hard to bond as a family when you can barely see the person sitting across from you.

4. Your kids have more toys than they know what to do with.

Between birthdays and grandparents, it’s easy to fall prey to the Toy Monster. If your living room is full of bins piled high with plastic nonsense, don’t be afraid to sell or trade a few items to make some space for actual play. Your kids might say they can’t part with any of their beloved toys, but once they see all that extra room, they might actually thank you.

5. You’re constantly tripping over items.

Your home should be a relaxing oasis, not a landmine of Legos. If you have eight pairs of shoes in your front entrance and only four people in your family, it’s time to take some action. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a pair of heels for every outfit.

6. Your cabinets are packed to capacity.

Can you open your kitchen cabinets without anything falling out? Can you close them all the way without the items inside falling over? If the answer to either of those questions is “no,” you need to get rid of a few things. Yes, it is possible to have too much Tupperware.

7. You’d be embarrassed for a stranger to see the inside of your closets.

Would you rather undergo a public colonoscopy than have someone open your bedroom closets? Let’s be honest: You’re not wearing 60% of those clothes. Give them to someone who will.

8. You’re tired of not being able to find anything.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place for all of your possessions? If you’re willing to say goodbye to clutter, your life will feel a lot more organized and lot less chaotic. You might even make some cash in the process. Good luck!

For more information on VarageSale be sure to check them out online,
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Ready! Set! BUY & SELL!!!

As I sit here from taking a well deserved break after cleaning up the girls toys for the 10th time today, I think to myself…man I really need to declutter and get rid of some of this stuff. The majority of it is pretty much new, they’ve either out grown these toys or are bored of them (oh and you know how fast these kids get bored of something…a whole 5 minutes haha). Then there are they’re clothes, books, my stuff, hubby’s stuff, home decor items and the list goes on and on. Do I sound familiar? Are you in the same boat? Well what if I were to tell you that I recently came across an awesome buy and sell platform? I’m talking about VarageSale!

VarageSale is like a dream come true for buy and sell lovers everywhere haha. Super easy to use with over 350 communities around the world, which means you can join a community in your area and buying and selling locally from other Mammas and Papas like you! The other great thing about VarageSale that I love is how it all came to be. VarageSale’s founder Tami, came up with concept while she was pregnant with her son back in 2012. Her story is pretty amazing and I totally suggest you click here and give it a read.

VarageSale is...

So why VarageSale? Well, why not? Here are my Top 3 reasons as to why you should sign up with VarageSale

1. Earn extra money selling items you no longer need or want.
2. Pick up fantastic new items at incredible prices.
3. Buy and sell from people just like YOU in a trusting and safe environment! Members need to log in with their real identity which creates a social shopping experience based on real faces and names. Who knows you might just make a friend or two along the way 😉 .

Sounds all pretty awesome right? Well for those of you in the York Region area be sure to take a seat if you aren’t sitting already cuz this news is gonna blow your mind haha! With the growing popularity of VarageSale it looks like they are ready to open a new community in…are you ready for it? It’s going to be in RICHMOND HILL, Ont! But in order to get this new VarageSale community up and running we need your help. Here’s the deal, we need 1,500 (real) people to RSVP to the “Help Launch the Richmond Hill Buy & Sell  Community on VarageSale” Facebook event by February 3, 2015. Once that happens then VarageSale will create a community for the Richmond Hill area…pretty easy if you ask me. So let’s get working and spreading the word. You can start by clicking on the image below to visit the event page, RSVP and share it with ALL your friends in Richmond Hill so we can get to buying and selling the VarageSale way!

Help Launch

In the meantime be sure to check out VarageSale for yourself and let me know what you think. Who knows maybe I just might buy something from you 😉 .

For more info on VarageSale visit them online,
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4 Ways to Pay Off Holiday Debt

Guest Blog Written By: VarageSale



The holidays have come and gone in a flurry of tinsel and good cheer. Santa may have gotten your loved ones everything they wanted, but he doesn’t always work for cheap. All that gift-exchanging and merry-making and meal-sharing? It’s likely more than just your heart and waistline that swelled to twice their size. Many people find themselves with post-holiday credit card bills so long, they may as well be staring at Santa’s naughty list.

Not to worry! You can say goodbye to holiday debt with some discipline and a little bit of creativity. Here are four strategies for saving or making extra cash when you need it most.

  1. Give your credit card a holiday. The best way to keep debt from growing is to stop feeding it. Try leaving your credit card at home and carry cash instead. That way, you can only spend what you have, so you’ll be less likely to talk yourself into buying that adorably unnecessary throw pillow or your 27th pair of new shoes. You’ll also be more willing to forego that five-dollar latte when you know you’ll need every last dollar in your wallet for groceries and gas.
  2. Purge and profit. You haven’t worn that dress in two years. The kids are ignoring their old toys since Christmas, and—just face it—you’re never going to use that overpriced exercise bike. What better time to get rid of all the excess stuff in your life and score some extra cash while you’re at it? Selling your things second hand on a site like VarageSale can provide you with the bonus income you need to pay off your credit card bills. You’ve got to admit, being debt-free and clutter-free is an empowering feeling.
  3. Eat like you’re on Survivor. Cutting corners to pay off debt could help you cut calories too. If that pile of take-out menus is calling your name, recycle them and stick to a home-cooked meal instead. Explore your cupboards to see what ingredients are available to you. At first glance, you might think there’s absolutely nothing to eat in the house. But look again. Chances are you can whip up a meal with what you’ve got lying around. An omelette made with that last chunk of cheese, some leftover chopped onion and those peppers at the bottom of your fridge may not be exactly what your taste buds were craving, but at least you don’t have to forage for food on a deserted island.
  4. When all else fails, buy a lottery ticket. But not too many. You are in debt, after all.

The holidays can be rough on the pocketbook. But it is possible to bounce back by taking a break from spending and finding new ways to make some extra cash. And being financially responsible in 2015 is bound to get you on Santa’s nice list next Christmas.

P.S. Do you have a creative way to pay off your credit card bill? Share your secret with us below…

For more information on VarageSale be sure to check them out online,
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