Blessing or Lesson

Throughout our lifetime we come in contact with so many people. People who stick around, people who come in and out and others who show up for a quick appearance and then are gone.

No matter who they are, how long they stay or whether they bring; love, joy, laughter, happiness, heartache, sadness, or tears they fit into 1 of 2 categories…blessing or lesson. Was it someone who showed you what the true meaning of friendship is? Did they give you a shoulder to cry on when everyone else turned their backs on you? Did they make you smile and laugh when we didn’t think it was possible? Or was it someone that brought you down? Hurt you? Or made you feel like a failure?

Be grateful for both your blessings and lessons in life because at the end of the day each and every single one of these people have made you the person you are today. They have taught you how to love, be kind, show compassion, understand the importance of empathy as well as know how to treat others. And most importantly we cross paths with these people for a reason. Sometimes those people who walk into our lives for a short period of time teach us the most important lessons, while others who have been around longer remind us just how blessed we are.

At the end of the day, we are on our path in life and that means highs and lows so just have faith, keep your head up, smile, be kind, pick yourself up when you fall, and let the universe take care of the rest.

(Eddie Vedder – Setting Forth)


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