So, you’re trying for a BOY?!

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For those of you with a girl or a few, you know exactly what I’m talking about! Hell, even those of you with boys probably get the same thing, except it’s…so, you’re trying for a girl?!

I must admit it’s one of the most annoying things to hear as a Mamma who expecting again. The minute people find out I’m pregnant it’s the first thing out of their mouth…”soooooo, you’re going for that boy eh!”. I never really did understand it and even though I smile and reply “no, not really haha” they probably see the look on me face which is really saying  “what the fack are you talking about and who even asks that?”. Or the other thing I hear a lot is “I bet Nick (that’s my hubby) is really hoping for that boy!” and again I think the look on my face says it all. I dunno maybe it’s the hormones but I’m pretty sure it’s just hearing the ignorant question again and again that sets me off lol. Why is this such a common question and assumption? Is a family not complete unless you have a son and daughter? Did I miss something? Will we have to go for baby #4 if it’s another girl? LOL

Want to know the HONEST truth? As parents of two beautiful girls we can honestly say that we would be happy with another girl or a boy. Personally, I come from a family of 3 girls so I know how amazing it is to have sisters and would love that for Samantha and Liliana. Nick adores his little girls and they go crazy for him so we both know he would be on cloud 9 to add another princess to the Papa Nick kingdom but on the same note who wouldn’t be ecstatic to have a little boy. The addition of a son to the family would be awesome! Bottom line is that boy or girl our family will be happy either way. So to answer the question of the hour, the only thing we’re trying for when it comes to a child is happy and healthy one 😉 .

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