Munchkin Monday ~ Travel Booster Seat

The Munchkin Travel Booster Seat


Happy Munchkin Monday everyone! Today I’m reviewing the Munchkin Travel Booster Seat and I couldn’t be happier because I’ve been looking for a good booster seat for a while now and this one is great! With baby #2 on the way in just over a month, the hubby and I were making a list of items we need for the baby and things we now need for Samantha (our 21 month old daughter) and a good booster seat was at the top of our list. We wanted something that would be a good transition from her high chair to a chair at the table and something easy enough for us to travel with (to restaurants, people’s homes, etc). With that said you can’t get any better than this Munchkin Travel Booster Seat! It’s absolutely amazing, lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around (only 1lb) and very functional with a compartment to hold diapers, wipes, a sippy cup, whatever you need. You can also adjust it’s height which is fantastic, especially since we know how quickly these little ones grow. Did I mention it can hold up to 50lbs? The best part is that it is totally safe and easy to use  with straps that secure safely and tightly to any standard chair. A few other things I really like about this booster seat is that clean up is easy…just wipe it down with a damp cloth and air dry.

So when you’re shopping for a booster seat definitely take a look and consider this great one from Munchkin. Why buy 2 when you can buy 1 to use at home and take with you? I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

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