Being Italian = FOOD

Growing up in an Italian family has always meant food, food and more food. It's a BIG part of our lives and something that we take pride in and we love to share it with those closest to us. From preparing meals, to making homemade sausages and salami as a family, to remembering the days that I used to watch my dad make his own wine, to visits to the Van Dyken farm to pick up bushels of tomatoes ... Read the Post

The Good Old Days…

Remember growing up and remember how simple life was? Well, things have changed a lot since then and will continue to change, it's life and it's something we need to accept. Although many great things have been invented and discovered over time it's the simple things that I miss. It's the way we were brought up then vs. now. This viral video seems to be making it's way around again and so I ... Read the Post