Breakfast Cookies? Yes PLEASE!

I'm not sure what your facebook newsfeed looks like but mine is full of those cooking and baking seems to be a hot topic with my friends haha. Every once in a while I come across something that I watch and think...hey that seems pretty easy, I'll give a shot! My most recent recipe attempt was one for 3 Ingredient Breakfast Cookies. It looked pretty simple and something I could try ... Read the Post

Tasty Tuesdays ~ Nonna’s I Love You Berry Much Napoleon

Guest Blog Written By: Jenny Arena from Fables and Focaccia Tasty Tuesdays ~ Nonna’s I Love You Berry Much Napoleon You have to love Italian grandmothers. Whatever they do, they do it tenfold, especially when it comes to food. They are always asking if you've eaten, and if you haven’t, they are quick to prepare a meal at the drop of a hat. And, if nonna finds out, through her keen sixth ... Read the Post

Tasty Tuesdays ~ Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

Guest Blog Written By: Denise from The Mutts Kitchen Today’s Tasty Tuesday is dedicated to our ChicMamma Pina in honor of her love for Nutella! It also seemed like the perfect time to share this recipe as we recently received the news of Mr. Ferrero passing away and so, in the name of Nutella and for all the Nutella lovers out there (especially Pina) I am sharing with you all my “Nutella ... Read the Post