The Munchkin’s Saved the Day!

Great customer service is key and we all know that, but nowadays it isn't often that we experience it.  With Samantha now crawling around, we've been busy getting the house baby proofed, which means; getting those baby gates up and saying good bye to our nice looking home. I guess it comes with the territory now haha!  Let me tell you, this baby gate business isn't fun! Auto lock, alarms, ... Read the Post

Shopping Deals for YOU!

It's time for some deals Mummies!!! Roots is having 25% off your entire purchase from now till April 22/12 online and in-stores (no coupon/promo code required). Mexx Canada is having 30% off your purchases from now till April 22/12 in-stores (no coupon/promo code required). Old Navy has 20% off in stores and online when you use promo code: ONSAVE20 or click here to print out a coupon to ... Read the Post

The Best Job in the World!

My girlfriend Sara posted this in my Yummy Mummies group on facebook the other day and I just balled my eyes out watching it! Being a Mom is an extremely hard job but on the same note it's the best job any woman can ever be blessed with! Watch and enjoy! ... Read the Post