Some days…

If you’ve been following my insta stories you know that I had a rough weekend which trickled into the week. Between my dad’s birthday, getting not so good news about my dear friend Lawrence and a few other things it really got me in a funk. It also got me thinking.

So many times I take to my stories to share with all of you. I let you in on my day, I share what I’m feeling and thinking and I take pride in being as real, open and honest with all of you as possible.  It’s not always easy to do…opening up and being vulnerable but I do it because I think it’s important to see what’s really going on instead of pretending to be someone who I’m not. There are days when I don’t know how I’m gonna do it but I always manage. I manage to get out of bed, I manage to get through the day, I manage to take care of the kids and I manage to get it all done. What’s the secret? That’s easy, it’s all of YOU! All your messages mean the world to me and let me know that no matter what I’m not alone. It’s amazing to feel all the love and support that I get from each and every one of you and it’s because of you I’m able to get through another day and look forward to tomorrow! THANK YOU 🖤.



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