Munchkin Monday ~ Bath Time Fun

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Bath time or what we call “Spa Time!”, in our home is Sammy Baby’s favorite time! Doesn’t matter where or when, if you ask her what time it is she will respond; “SPA TIME!!!” And if we are home she’ll run for the stairs and head upstairs to grab her towel haha…it’s pretty cute and funny! So when I was given the opportunity to review some Munchkin bath time toys you can imagine just how excited Samantha and I got and what better toddler to test them out than the “SPA TIME PRINCESS” haha.

Munchkin has a ton of bath time toys so it wasn’t easy to narrow our favorites down but we’ll give it a go! 😉


These are fantastic! What kid out there do you know that doesn’t LOVE to colour? Well now they can and have a ton of fun doing it. They come in 5 bright colours and clean up is a breeze. Once they are done drawing away on the bath tub walls you just wipe and it’s clean. Samantha absolutely loves these, it’s one of the first thing she asks for once she get’s into the water.


These little guys are soooooo much fun, especially if you don’t mind getting a little wet haha! They come in a pack of 5 (dolphin, whale, crab, pelican, octopus and turtle) and are perfect for developing fine motor skills. Little ones as young as 9 months can have fun with these easy to grab soft, floating friends. Plus the best part is squeezing them to spray water everywhere, a sure fire way for lots of giggles and laughs, at least that’s what it’s like in our home!


These bath letters and numbers are a fantastical educational tool for your little ones. There is never a bad time to learn and bath time is no exception! Made from a soft non-toxic foam, these letters and numbers will stick to the tub wall when wet so you can spell out words and count.  Samantha has a blast with them and loves all the bright colours they come in.


This is one of the NEW bath toys that Munchkin has come out with and it’s tons of fun! This toy does it all and will definitely keep your little one busy and happy during bath time. It stacks, strains, squirts, and changes colours. In warm water, images will appear on the bottom of the stackers that weren’t there before, the frog turns into a prince and he also squirts water. Samantha love this toy so much that she often plays with it outside of bath time as well.



The minute Samantha saw this toy she just about ripped it out of my hand…she has a thing for mermaids haha. She could not wait to get her new little friend in the tub with her and once she did she was having a blast. Again this is one of the NEW bath toys from Munchkin and I’m sure this item will do great because the thing about this mermaid is that she really does swim! When you pull her crown, her tail will flap and she’s on her way, which Samantha just LOVED! The mermaid also comes with a squirter so again you and your little one are guaranteed to have a splashing fun time!

Some of our other faves are: the Gone Fishin’ Bath Toy, Star Fountain & Twisty Fish.


The best part about all these amazing Munchkin Bath Toys that we love is that with summer around the corner they’ll be sure to be a splash in the kiddie pool as well! 🙂

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