It’s time to bust out the NUTELLA!


Nutella! Oh Nutella! Sometimes I think I love it more than my own husband haha sorry Nick 😉 .

If you’re a regular Chic Mamma reader than you know that I’m a huge fan of this sweet, delicious, chocolate hazelnut spread and that February 5th is a big day for me because it’s World Nutella Day. Each year I always post something to celebrate this amazing day and so I thought this year I would share with you my little collection of awesome Nutella recipes with you all. Who knows maybe it might inspire you to make something yummy in honour of this blessed day and if it doesn’t just grab a spoon and dip into that jar haha.

Just click here and it will bring you to a world of Nutella that you never knew existed aka HEAVEN 🙂 .


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