Pajama Party Time!

It’s not easy being a Mamma that’s for sure! We are what I like to call multi-tasking geniuses haha. We take care of the kids, the household, our partners and many of us also juggle a career as well. A typical day includes waking up early, preparing breakfast and sometimes lunch, getting the kids ready for daycare or school, heading to work (as a stay at home Mamma or in an environment outside the home), making dinner, cleaning up, getting the kids ready for bed and when it’s all done you just want to hit the sac yourself. Did you notice that in that long list of things we do each day there’s no time allotted for ourselves or any carefree fun time to spend with our little ones? It’s sad isn’t it?! We live in a society where everything is go, go, go and we are always stressed out.

Recently, I’ve been working hard to make more of conscience effort to spend more time with my girls. They grow so fast and I want to remember these moments and cherish them instead of rush past them just because I had to have a clean home or reply to emails in a timely manner. What’s important in life? For me it’s my family, always has been and always will be. I love hanging out with my little ladies and doing fun things. Just the other day I came across a Glama Gal Tween Spa event and I got so excited, it’s a Mother Daughter Pajama Party! How awesome is that! I have to give credit to the crew at Glama Gal cuz they always come up with the most amazing ideas for these fab events.

So here’s the deal…next Friday (Sept 19th) each Glama Gal location will be hosting a party from 7pm to 9pm and it’s just for Mammas and their girls. So get your pj’s ready cuz they have an amazing night planned including a Sweet Like Mommy Sundae Bar, Mommy and Me DIY Chocolicious Facials, Cotton Candy Mani’s with Hand Massage Lesson, a 4×6 Memorable Moment Photo Keepsake, Funky Hair Face Off (Daughters will give their mom the funkiest hairstyle to win a prize) as well as getting to watch a movie and enjoying some pink popcorn during the event.

I’ve been to quite a few Glama Gal events now and they are just awesome! So do yourself a favour, set some time aside for you and your little lady and book your spots now. I guarantee that you will have a blast, make tons of amazing memories (don’t forget your camera), and your little one will think that you’re the BEST MAMMA EVER 😉

To book a spot for this Glama Gal event just click here!

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