Glama Gal Tween Spa + Dermalogica = A Clean Start!

Guest Blog Written By: Chic Mamma Tween Blogger Amorina Mancini


I was recently invited to attend a Dermalogica event at Glama Gal Tween Spa and I was super excited about it! The event was a skin workshop and launch party for a new line made by Dermalogica called “Clean Start” which was created to introduce and teach tween and teen girls like me about skin care.

When I arrived to the Vaughan Glama Gal location I was excited to see what the night would bring. Glama Gal is such a pretty spa servicing younger girls, like me and it was nice to know that they had set up an event geared towards girls skin care.

I was introduced to the Dermalogica representative that took us through a personal class on skin care. I sat down with a group of other girls between the ages of 11 and 13 and we were all very excited and curious to find out what the evening had in store for us.

The Dermalogica rep started off by introducing us to the Clean Start product line. She went through each product and told us a little about it as we tested them out on the backs of our hands. Once we were done going through each product, the fun began! We got to give ourselves facials with the help of our new Dermalogica friend 🙂 .

We started with a Foaming Wash and followed up with a Pore Cleansing Scrub. Then we applied an all over toner and treated ourselves to a Cooling Mask. The mask sat for 10 minutes while we chatted about concerts, our favourite singers, and all things girly! Ten minutes passed by too quickly! Using a warm, moist towel, we removed the mask and then we searched for the things we don’t want anyone to ever see: the dreaded pimples and the ones that will eventually turn in to pimples. We used Dermalogica’s Emergency Fix to put on any pimples and red spots. To finish, we then massaged an Overnight Treatment into our freshly cleansed skin followed by a Matte Moisturizer.

The night didn’t end there! We got to hang out, sip on smoothies, take in a Yoga session and finally shop in the Glama Gals Boutique!

I absolutely love Clean Start from Dermalogica and would recommend it to any girl! It feels amazing on my skin and smells so pretty! I have been using the products I got in my starter kit and I have already seen improvements in my skin. If you are a tween or teen girl like me I would suggest you visit a Glama Gal location and pick some up or book a Dermalogica tween or teen facial and try the products out that way. There is no better time to start using something on your skin than now and why not use something made just for girls like us 😉 !

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