Art is in the eye of the beholder…

Her name is Sophia, she’s pretty yet spooky, has a love for animals who she enjoys to breast feed and feels no need to hide behind a nursing cover not even in front of Jesus…am I close? HAHA!

Let’s be honest here, I have no effin clue what is going on in this painting but from the moment I saw it I can’t seem to get it out of my mind. Maybe it’s the fact the at first glance it looks child like or maybe it’s because when you do stop to look at it, you can’t help but wonder what the artist was thinking when he created this piece.

Mark Ryder is the artist behind this painting and he’s probably the only person who knows the true meaning of it.

Take a look, what do you think? Do you like it? Hate it? Are you interested by it? Or could you careless about it? Let me know cuz I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


Sofia’s Mercurial Waters
By: Mark Ryder

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