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“Being a member has not only enriched my business it has enriched my life.  Such an amazing and empowering group of women who are motivated to achieve success in business and in our personal lives as well.  The owner and operator has been inspirational and key in developing long standing client relations and a true advocate for women and moms in business.”

Patricia Helou
Signature Little Ones Inc.
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“Being a vendor on has given me and my business such fantastic exposure. I am so grateful for this opportunity!”

Eva Klein
My Sleeping Baby

“Being on the vendor directory helped Letterz Bling’d take off! Gave me amazing exposure & during this process I have made so many positive connections with other Mamma’s & built a large clientele base.”

Liliana Agostini
Letterz Bling’d
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“Honestly speaking if anyone is thinking about being on the vendors list let me just tell you how amazing Pina of Chic Mamma is. She worked so hard at getting me set up, worked on branding with me, our Facebook page, Instagram and even Pinterest. Everything looks amazing! It’s all worth it and I also had 95 likes in less the 24 hours. Anyone with a business and wants to be listed should do it, soooo worth it. Thank you so much Pina your the best!”

Erica Falcioni
In Your Hair by Erica
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“What can i say about! There isn’t the right word to express my gratitude to this group! It has given me the possibility to make my life long dream blossom. It’s given me the opportunity to home therapy my son, work from home in my pjs after those long waking night hours with the kids. So all in all Chic Mamma is FANTASTICALLYGIANOURMOSULYCALIFRAGALISTICTLY AMAZING!”

Antonietta DiMinno
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“You know when the owner is genuinely interested when the sales pitch and conversation is not rushed, but is very constructive and professional.  The product I promote is revolutionary and for this growing community of moms is exactly where I needed to be.  I found the perfect platform and I’m happy with the exposure.  The bonus—the ability to engage first hand with my future customers is priceless.”  

Ksenija Dias
Le-Vel, THRIVE Brand Promoter
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“I have been a member of the Chic Mamma Vendor Directory for a year now for both of my businesses That’s Italian Ristorante and Debbie Cordeiro Designs and have definitely seen an increase in both businesses. We have gained so many new customers that we wouldn’t have reached otherwise and Pina always looks out for and stands by her Vendor’s. This has been a great group to be a part of personally also as I have met so many great women that I now call friends 🙂 .

Thanks Pina for all your hard work and dedication! I look forward to another year of working with you and meeting more great ladies 🙂 .”

Debbie Cordeiro
That’s Italian RistoranteFacebook | InstagramTwitter | YouTube
Debbie Cordeiro Designs ~ Facebook | Twitter

“I’m so glad I became a Chic Mamma Vendor. Pina has a true and genuine interest in my success, and after following her advice, I was able to broaden my reach with little effort so that I could focus on what I do best. And yes, my business has grown because of it. Thank you, Chic Mamma Pina!”

Holly Hagan
It’s Personal Branding
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“I don’t do much active advertising, however, being a vendor on has proven to be the best advertising that I could have done and continue to do.  Being a vendor here has given my business a significant boost and continuous exposure which means I never have a “slow period”.  It provides a place for people to find my business and it has provided a venue for past clients to share their experiences and provide testimonials to other Mamma’s, directly targeting the very people who would be most interested in the keepsakes that I create.  I am very proud and happy to be a vendor!  Thanks Pina, for creating this venue for us!”

Angie Lombardo
Wee Piggies & Paws Vaughan

“Word of mouth’ advertising is probably one of the strongest forms of advertising there is. So when I started my personalized label company, I contacted Pina and asked her to be on the Chic Mamma vendor directory. I now have access to thousands of moms, also potential customers, that would be looking for recommendations for labels. It’s a direct form of advertising, straight to my target market – which I think is invaluable.”

Lina Ierullo
L’il Pals Decals
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“We here at Solo Bambini have been on the ChicMamma / Yummy Mummies vendor list for almost two year. I can say this about the list…Since becoming a vendor on this page I have noticed a boost in not only sales but people being aware I exist. The vendor list targets those that are important to me, mummies. Therefore I feel it’s a great source of advertisement for my business. The creator of the group does what she says and is suppose to do. She helps generate business by re posting and actually getting involved on what her vendors offer. She pushes there brand and service before her own.” 

Andrea Bartella
Solo Bambini
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“First off, I’d like to say thank you to all the Chic Mamma/Yummy Mummies that have ever ordered/referred custom desserts by Gigi Bakes!

If it wasn’t for Pina Crispo, Admin of the group and a devoted mother of 3, Gigi Bakes would never have been kickstarted! If you asked me, after I made my first macaron in 2013, where I saw myself in the present day, I never would have believed I would be booked 2 months in advance and running my own business!

Since I’ve been invited to the group (about 2 years ago) by my best friend Daniela Marotta, raving fan and fellow Chic Mamma/Yummy Mummy, I have quit my day job (licenced hairstylist for 15 years) and have brought Gigi Bakes to a new level!

All moms in this amazing Facebook group are able to access the vendor directory quickly when in search of..well..pretty much anything they’re looking for! And as a bonus, I have made some great lifelong friends by working together with other vendors and being a consumer myself of their super services!

I speak for all of us vendors on the directory when I say Pina Crispo has so much to offer with her business/marketing background and thankfully in my case knowledgable computer skill!

Thank you, Pina Crispo, for helping me setup my first social media thingy, lol, til the wee hours in the morning that night! Um, I was doing it all wrong lol!!!

Thank you for always believing in me and answering all my billion questions over the last few years.

Thank you (as well as the rest of the admin) for ALWAYS having my back!!

You are a smart and loyal woman that I am proud to call my friend!!

I hope to be a vendor on the directory for as long as I’m baking as I am so proud to be listed along side such talented and strong momtrepeneurs!

But, most importantly, so the amazing Chic Mamma/Yummy Mummies (new and old) will be able to keep enjoying fresh and custom desserts from Gigi Bakes!!


Gina Ricci
Gigi Bakes
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“Being on the Vendor Directory with Chic Mamma has been one of our best and most rewarding forms of advertising since we first opened Splashville Inc. in February of 2014. 

The exposure through the Yummy Mummies Facebook group via the Vendor Directory has allowed many moms to find out about our business and created a great referral platform for us.

Pina is phenomenal in her support of the vendors and helping us promote our business.  She is always coming up with ideas and suggestions to increase our exposure and is a true advocate for us.

Thank you Pina and Chic Mamma.”

Splashville Inc.
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“We have been working with Pina of Chic Mamma for over 2 years. Chic Mamma has been a great ROI for our two businesses as she markets to moms who are our specific demographic. She is constantly promoting and recommending us in all her social media outlets. Aside from the marketing of our businesses she also has helped with us giving us unique ideas on how to promote our businesses internally. Her educational and work background in media and marketing is an advantage as she is always one step ahead of new marketing trends. She has a created a great community of moms who trust her word and advice.

Thanks Chic Mamma.”

Laura & Josie Cannone
Glama Gal Tween Spa ~ Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube
Petite and Posh ~ Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

“I am thrilled to be an approved vendor in the Chic Mamma FB group and website. Pina goes above and beyond to give you great exposure and also honours all the yummy mummies on the page to remain credible and relevant! I couldn’t be happier. As a mom I love the feedback and support this page provides and am so honoured to be part of the support.”

Camille Gemmell
Wee Sleep ~ Certified Infant+ Toddler Sleep Consultant
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“Joining the team of vendors at Chic Mamma has been an amazing experience for us, both personally and professionally.  This is such a large and wonderful group of women who look to each other for support, as moms and as women.  Pina does such a stellar job of putting moms in touch with the services that they need in such a respectful manner. She never misses a beat to make members aware of your business and services.  As health coaches this has given us the opportunity to connect with such a dynamic group of women that we would never have been able to meet and assist had it not been for this group.”

Silvia D’Addario & Trisha Muraca
redefine your balance, health and wellness coaching
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“I am SO happy with the exposure I’ve gotten from the short time on the vendor directory. The majority of my business has come through thanks to this advertising. Pina has been so helpful and prompt in responding to any inquires I have. She provided suggestions on how to set up my FB page so it appeals to viewers and the monthly shares that are done are a great way for any specials to be shared via our group.

I am so thankful for this advertising and would suggest it to anyone who asks!”

ChristyZ Origami Owl

“I remember when I first spoke with Pina she was so helpful and encouraging in giving me advise on advertising and marketing (not my forte as a Doctor). Since joining the vendor list, I have been able to share my knowledge and help more people get healthier in mind, body and spirit. Chic Mamma has helped me get my “face” out there and draw such wonderful patients to me. You made my marketing stresses dissolve. Thank you!”

Dr. Jennifer Cisternino
Naturopathic Doctor
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“Being a vendor on the Chic Mamma vendor directory has been awesome for BabyZzz. It’s given my business such great exposure and I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing Mammas! I’ve so grateful to Pina for her encouragement and for creating this wonderful group!”

Jenn Kelner

“I knew as a Beachbody Coach how important it was to build relationships. In my business it’s not just about the sale. It’s about our relationship with your customers. That is exactly how it is being a vendor with Chic Mamma. Pina builds relationships with her vendors. She gets to know us not only as a business woman, but as a member and friend. She shares her expertise when it comes to running your own business. Being on her vendor has allowed me to expand my business in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to without her. I have built a great community of new friends and reached a few goals that I thought were impossible. With Pina, what you see is what you get. She is honest, hard working and helps to make your business successful.”

Heather Archer
Beachbody – SwoobsGirlFitness
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“I am going on my 3rd year of BabyBumsDesigns being part of the Chic Mamma Vendor Directory and I have to say it was the best decision I have made to boost my little home business. Within hours of joining I doubled my FB page activity and likes. Since then, I have not had a time where I didn’t have a wait list. 

Pina, the founder of Chic Mamma, is always available and fully supports and backs the vendors on the directory

I’m so happy to be part of this group of moms and happy to be in such good company on the vendor directory



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“Having my business Babies First Lactation and Education on the Chicmamma Vendor Directory has given a great boost to my business.  It has let me meet and help so many wonderful woman and their babies.  Thanks Pina for supporting my business and bringing together a wonderful group of women.”

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