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Cavallino Wine Bar

Work 8077 Islington Ave Woodbridge Ontario L4L 7X7 CanadaWork Phone: 905.850.3629Website:


“Cavallino Wine Bar is authentically Italian with a southern yet modern kick!”
Cavallino Wine Bar is a rustic but refined Italian restaurant nestled in quaint West Woodbridge, just on the skirts of the City of Toronto. We pride ourselves on over 25 years of serving authentic Italian dishes using only the finest possible ingredients, which are sourced from our carefully selected local suppliers.

These traditions and rituals have continued with our magical yet masterful chefs through their dazzling creations. Our chefs’ sumptuous dishes have become the heart and soul of Cavallino Wine Bar. We also feature an extensive list of award-winning wines which can be enjoyed in our charming European-inspired dining rooms, which exudes warm and unwavering hospitality.

Cavallino Wine Bar is more than just a restaurant – it is a cherished night out with family and friends in an environment where it feels like you have never left your own home!