Off She Goes…

She did it! I did it! WE DID IT! My little Sammy Baby is growing up and today marked a major milestone in both our lives...her first day of JK :) . For as long as she has been able to talk she was all about going to scuola (that means school in Italian) and couldn't wait to turn 4 so she could attend. Every time we would drive past the school she would say "look Mamma that's my scuola" or "oh ... Read the Post

You ate all the Nutella!

Do any of you have any Nutella obsessed freaks living with you? I do...a few actually...ok fine it's the whole family lol! I blame it on the fact that we're Italian and of course the television commercials that tell us how good Nutella is for us (made with roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa). Oh and did I mention the part that Nutella is a great source of energy? ;) With that said ... Read the Post

Wow 3 years already…Happy Birthday Sammy Baby!

People always say "cherish every moment because it goes by so quickly" and although you hear it a million times you never fully understand it until you have children of your own. Before you have kids time seems to go at a pretty steady pace but that all changes and faster than you can imagine. 3 amazing years have come and gone Samantha and all in a blink of an eye! It seems like it was just ... Read the Post