Feeding the family…

Your alarm goes off and it's time to start another day...but not just an ordinary day. Because let's get real, that doesn't happen when you're a mom and you have kids to take care of! Your day constantly revolves around the little people who follow you around calling you "Mamma" from morning to night. Oh boy, has life changed since becoming a mom! Things that weren't important to us before are ... Read the Post

Tasty Tuesdays ~ Greek Style Chicken Kabobs

Guest Blog Written By: Denise from The Mutts Kitchen I’m not Greek, but I love eating their food. When it comes food I love, I’m a copycat, I’ll  keep trying to duplicate it until I get it just right.  This recipe below is not a traditional Greek recipe but rather it’s Greek inspired. To be honest it’s actually my go to recipe for chicken. It’s a hit every time, whether I’m cooking for 4 or for ... Read the Post