You would have loved him Papa!

A letter to my dad in heaven... Caro Papa, It's almost 3 months since you've been gone and difficult doesn't even begin to describe what life has been like without you here. A week ago today on Thursday, October 15th at 9:17am I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Marcus Nicola Vito (Vito after you Papa...just for YOU!). Your 7th grandchild and 3rd grandson...another Capitano as ... Read the Post

The 3 Words that can DESTROY a boy!

3 little words is all it can take to destroy a boy and they are, "BE A MAN"! If you have a little boy in your life...son, brother, nephew, grandson, etc you need to watch this. These are words that affect them now and as they grow into adulthood. Growing up is hard enough, don't add any more pressure that they don't need. ... Read the Post