Pajama Party Time!

It's not easy being a Mamma that's for sure! We are what I like to call multi-tasking geniuses haha. We take care of the kids, the household, our partners and many of us also juggle a career as well. A typical day includes waking up early, preparing breakfast and sometimes lunch, getting the kids ready for daycare or school, heading to work (as a stay at home Mamma or in an environment outside the ... Read the Post

A Beautiful Gift from a Father to his Daughter

Josie & Jim Zetz Photographed By: Lindsey Villatoro of Love Song Photography The relationship between a father and daughter is a truly special one. Our father's are our heroes, loves, protectors, saviours, biggest fans, best friends and much more! It's a relationship that can never be replaced or duplicated. Being a daddy's girl myself I can tell you that without my father I'd be lost. My ... Read the Post