Sliding Into Summer

Angie & I with one of our classic fanny pack pics.

Last August I was invited to the Google offices here in Toronto for a back to school presentation. They covered off a lot of material including trends and to my surprise, fanny packs were on the list. Yup, fanny packs! Remember fanny packs from the 80’s, the waist band pouch that grew popular and graced the pages of Vogue in the 90’s…those! Instantly I thought of my girlfriend Angie who loves fanny packs. She legit loves them so much that if the fanny pack society (yes I know that doesn’t exist but if it did) was looking for a spokesperson it would totally be her lol. I love razing Angie about her fanny packs; we take stupid pictures together with her fanny packs and insta story back and forth but truth is that they are pretty practical and the style has come A LONG WAY. Yes, even I have one but if you know me you know it’s a plain black leather Roots Canada one with silver accents haha.

Now get this, just 2 days ago Nike announced their new sandal for the summer it’s an updated version of their popular Benassi Slide. This version has…you ready…wait for it…a fanny pack on both the uppers. Now you don’t have to worry about not having pockets to throw some cash in or your car keys, cuz your new Benassi Slides have you covered. The collection is called “Fanny Pack” and is set to hit stores very soon and will be released in 3 different colour combos. I have a funny feeling that these are going to fly off the shelves because who doesn’t love a comfy pair of slides and a good old fanny pack, am I right? Well at least we know Angie will be all over them haha. So Angie, which colour combo do you want me to buy you or should I go with one of each? HA HA!

Photo: NIKE

What are your thoughts on these new Nike Fanny Pack slides? Would you rock them or take a pass? Comment below and let me know.


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