Lullabies For A Great Cause

Dine Alone

Music has always been a huge part of my life; to the point where I spent the majority of it in a radio career. Hearing the different instruments come together with vocals and amazing lyrics to make for a killer song always gave me a rush. I remember being pregnant with my first going to concerts and wondering if she was rocking out on the inside just as much as I was on the outside.

When Samantha was born, I continued introducing her to music and did the same for Liliana and now Marcus. That kiddie juvenile stuff isn’t my thing and I can’t stomach playing it for them because let’s be honest, it’s lame and my kids are anything but that!. I always try to find cool stuff for them, real music from different eras and genres and they love it.

Having said that, I have to bite my tongue a bit here because I just recently came across some kick ass kids music featuring amazing Canadian artists and bands. I’m talking about Dine Alone Lullabies created by Casey Cole of Sparrow Sleeps. The album was just released last week and I can’t get enough of it! It features 16 tracks from some of the label’s best-loved artists. Cole has transformed familiar songs from City and Colour, Alexisonfire, Arkells, Jimmy Eat World, and many more into soothing and beautifully haunting soundscapes that children and parents alike will enjoy for years to come. Since I got my copy, I’ve had it on repeat non-stop and love it.

The album is available via iTunes, as well as on CD through Dine Alone Records webstore and in various record stores including HMV. Now the BEST part about this album is that ALL proceeds will be donated to the SickKids Foundation to support the highest priority needs at the hospital so staff can continue to provide exceptional care. That to me is reason alone to buy this album! Awesome music for your little ones while supporting a fantastic cause like the SickKids Foundation! Talk about a WIN WIN!

Here’s what you can expect to hear on the album…

DINE ALONE LULLABIES by Sparrow Sleeps Tracklist

01. The Girl (City and Colour)
02. Operator (Vanessa Carlton)
03. Bye Bye Love (Jimmy Eat World)
04. Accidents (Alexisonfire)
05. Oh, The Boss Is Coming! (Arkells)
06. Bambi (Tokyo Police Club)
07. Young Leaves (Attack In Black)
08. I Don’t Know (The Sheepdogs)
09. Stairway (Yukon Blonde)
10. Turn It Around (Lucius)
11. Class Historian (BRONCHO)
12. Robotic (Hannah Georgas)
13. Back To You (Twin Forks)
14. Sweet Mountain River (Monster Truck)
15. Don’t Ever Tell Locke What He Can’t Do (Moneen)
16. Dine Alone (Quicksand)

If you’re a parent, I suggest you hit up your local record store, visit the Dine Alone Records webstore or log onto iTunes and download your copy today. You’ll be giving your little one the beautiful gift of music while helping others in need. Now off to listen to some rockin’ lullabies and take a little nap! Ummm, I mean put the baby down for a nap! 😉

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