Move over Santa, Marjorie is here!


We all know about the man in the red suit but do you know about the amazing woman with the big golden heart named Marjorie? Let me tell you about her!

It wasn’t that long ago that I heard about the legendary Marjorie Brewster. I watched a video about her on YouTube, a few news stories that CTV News featured her in and also read about her in the Toronto Star newspaper. It warmed my heart to hear what she was doing for the paediatric oncology patients at Southlake Hospital and I was instantly overcome with emotion.

Marjorie (or Grandma Marjorie as all the kids at the Southlake Hospital Cancer Clinic know her) has dedicated her life to helping others, especially the little ones fighting a battle against cancer. To quote Marjorie “For Pete’s sake, it’s why I get up in the morning!”.

For 26 years, Marjorie has volunteered at the hospital and goes out of her way to make sure she puts a smile on the face of every child that crosses her path. Marjorie spends her days making sure the clinic is spotless, safe and clean for all the kids who frequent it and loves to greet each and every one of them with a toy in hand at each of their visit. A toy which Marjorie goes shopping for every week (on her 1 day off from her 4 day volunteer week at Southlake) and purchases with her own money.

Having lost her son to cancer 44 years ago at a young age (as well as a daughter later on in life) she understands first hand what these children are going through as well as their parents. As a result, she has made it her life’s mission to make their visits pleasant ones.

“When they come in, there’s no worry about what’s going to happen. They don’t think about it. They think about what I’ve got for them. And to me, that’s why I started it,” Brewster says.

Take a moment and watch the videos below so you can for yourself as to why many call Marjorie an Angel…

Now it’s time we give back to Marjorie and help raise funds so that she can continue to put a smile on the faces of those kids and their parents. 100% of all money raised will go directly to Marjorie’s Kids Fund which will be used to purchase toys for the children of the Southlake Regional Health Centre’s paediatric oncology clinic.

Please help us raise money for this fantastic cause by clicking here and sharing it with your friends.

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