Tax Returns + Mat Leave = SUCKS!

Tax season is upon us and I hate it, especially this year being on mat leave. Yeah, I know, we here in Canada have it better than our friends to the south of us but I don’t care I’m still gonna bitch haha. It’s already crappy enough with trying to survive on mat leave pay, which at the very most in Ontario is $822 bi-weekly (seriously how can anyone live off that?). Some of us are lucky because we may work for a company that tops us off a little bit with some extra cash, it may be for the full year or maybe for half the year like the company I work for. But honestly even with the top up (if you get that) it’s not easy (mortgage, car payment, groceries, bills, diapers, formula, etc) and then tax season sneaks up and bites you in the ass..good times! I just picked up my taxes from my accountant this past week and I’m getting back…are you ready for this? $150 hahaha try not to be jealous! I’m also pretty sure that the only reason I’m getting that back is because of the RRSP contribution I made. I guess it could be worst though, I’m lucky I don’t owe anything!

Uggghhhhh it sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it (unless you choose not have kids haha). So, tell me are you getting a good return this year, do you have to pay or are you maybe just breaking even?

Ahhhhh the joys of being a parent haha!


  1. Tax season really does suck and you’re right while being on mat. leave its even worse…imagine you make a contribution to RRSP and get a few bucks back….and then they up our retirement age…whats up with that ? lol

    Unemployment has no shame…government wants us to have kids but they are not helpful with that measley $800. bi weekly which doesnt cover the cost for very much!! Regardless I wouldnt change being on maternity leave it’s been amazing….can’t believe I only have 6 months left and I have to leave my little Angel..not ready for that. Just signed her up for Daycare…OH MY not ready for that either she’s so young how do I let her go? But I know socializing is great for our babies….and heck I gotta go back to work to get a decent pay bi-weekly ! lol lol Im thinking of a home business so I can be here more often….any ideas or suggestions are welcomed!!!

    Great Blog – Congrats !!

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