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Holiday Gift Guide with Sanat Kumara Crystals


For thousands of years we have been turning to crystals and gemstones for their special powers and healing properties. Rose quartz has been known as a stone of gentle love due to it’s ability to help heal the heart, bring love and also deal with grief. Smokey quartz is the stone of power, grounding, protection, which removes negative energy and emotional blockages while bringing in positive energy. Moonstone is the stone of hoping and wishing, feminine energy, psychic abilities, abundance, childbirth, fertility, pregnancy, hormone balance, power, calm and relief of emotional stress. There are many different crystals and gemstones, each with it’s own special power and healing properties. You’ll find some people like to carry loose stones with them while others like to wear them as a jewellery piece. No matter your preference, their powers and properties remain the same.

I have always loved crystals and stones, learning about them, buying them and of course wearing them. The spiritual and healing side of them has always been something that I have taken comfort in and been attracted to, which is why I’m thrilled to feature this local Toronto business Sanat Kumara Crystals in our Chic Mamma Holiday Gift Guide.

The great thing about crystals and stones is that they are for everyone…women, men, children and Sanat Kumara Crystals has something for everyone. What I love about them is that each piece has been created with the intention of awakening consciousness and healing the heart. Another interesting feature of their pieces is that they are blessed and infused with Reiki and Angelic High Frequency Healing.

I had the opportunity to shop the Sanat Kumara Crystals website and fell in love with pretty much everything they have, but I narrowed it down with my top picks which are perfect for gift giving this holiday season.

For those of you who know me personally you know how much I love bracelets. I love stacking and layering them and on any given day you’ll probably find me wearing at least 10 haha. Hands down bracelets for me are definitely my go to jewellery piece of choice which is why I absolutely love their crystal stone beaded bracelets. They come in a variety of different stones and sizes for women, men and children. Pick a stone that you like the look of or dig a little deeper and pick one that resonates with you based on the powers and properties it emits. At $28 a piece you can’t go wrong! These make fantastic teacher gifts and they always make for awesome gifts when you want to pick something up for yourself. Wear them alone or stack a few together…you make that call depending on your mood and what you’re feeling.


Beaded Crystal Bracelet $28 each (Rose Quartz, Hematite, Smokey Quartz and many more)

If bracelets aren’t your style than a great choker might be the way to go! Right now chokers are all the rage since their 90’s come back and probably one of the most popular accessories at the moment. Sanat Kumara Crystals has a great selection of crystals chokers as well other talisman like the Hamsa featured below (which protects its owner from the evil eye while bringing happiness, luck, health and good fortune). Beautiful, simple and fashionable!


Hamsa Protection Chokers $28 & Clear Quartz Crystal Choker $31

This set is something I love and will be gifting my girls with this Christmas. It’s an opalite (great for soothing nerves and depression while bringing joy and calmness) angel necklace with the matching beaded Mother Mary bracelet blessed with Mother Mary’s intentions of love and healing. Available for women as well and also in a variety of different crystals.


Beaded Opalite Mother Mary bracelet & Angel necklace set $51

This is a fantastic online shop that you need to check out. They are amazing, they know their crystals and can guide and educate you so that you can pick the perfect items for yourself or loved ones. Everything they offer are tools to help aid in spiritual awareness and opening, hiding you on the path of love.

Right now all orders placed up until Jan 30/17 will get FREE SHIPPING so check them out and SHOP LOCAL, SUPPORT LOCAL and SPEND LOCAL with Sanat Kumara Crystals.

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Holiday Gift Guide with My Legwear Shop

downloadThe Christmas lists are never ending, the shopping is insane, the preparation is stressing you out and once again us Mammas are thinking about everyone and everything but ourselves. Well, it’s time to do something for yourself and maybe get yourself a little something this holiday season, which is why I’m featuring one of my favourite local online stores…My Legwear Shop!

My Legwear Shop is a homegrown Canadian company that was launched by founder Antonella, a Mamma just like us. Her desire for great fashion and comfort is what kick started My Legwear Shop. She was on a mission to find comfortable and quality clothing, at a price that wouldn’t break the bank, while being stylish and trendy. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for she knew that something had to change that. She knew that she would have to be the person to make that change.

My Legwear Shop is THE place to shop for athleisure, athletic wear, leggings, yoga pants, hosiery, stockings, tights, shape wear and much more. Tons of great and affordable items for both girls and women and I’m excited to fill you in on some my faves.

Let’s start with something from the Slymwear line which is exclusive to My Legwear Shop. I love this line because the quality is amazing. It’s made right here in Canada and the pieces from this collection are versatile, so you can wear them to workout in or just as everyday casual wear.

My fave pants from the Slymwear collection are the Tess Capri Premium Fit Leggings. These are fantastic and for a few reasons. The nylon used is silky and smooth while the spandex in the fabric ensures that your clothing will keep it’s shape forever, while the breathability ensures a faster drying time. You also don’t have to worry about fading, wrinkles, snags or pills. The thing that I absolutely love about these capri’s is that they NEVER creep up on you. I don’t know about you but putting on capri’s that ride up throughout the day are just annoying! With these it doesn’t matter how much you move around or how active you are…they stay in place all day long. LOVE!!!


Tess Capri Premium Leggings – Slymwear $66 (available in mosaic grey, citrus, lollipop)

Now let me introduce you to the Deanna Dance Bamboo top. This is a top that I think every woman needs in her closet. Again it’s from their exsluive Slymwear collection and I seriously don’t think I could live without it. It’s actually the most favourite top I own.  This top is very versatile, comfortable and fashionable. Wear it with a pair of yoga pants to yoga class, while you run your daily errands or dress it up with some jeans and heels. It’s soft and lightweight…which makes it perfect for layering with a great tank under it and it doesn’t cling making it super sexy and flattering on everyone who puts it on. The wide neckline also makes it a great off the shoulder top!


The Deanna Dance Bamboo Top – Slymwear $58 (available in black and cherry burst)

My Legwear Shop also carries a wide variety of other brands including Yummie Life by Heather Thompson. This line is fantastic and having discovered it, I am hooked. These leggings are not your regular leggings, these are magical lol…let me fill you in. So what makes Yummie Life leggings amazing and different from the others out there? Well it’s because they are considered shapewear and were created by a Mamma just like us who knows and understand what life is like after children…including the fun body changes 😉 . These quality made leggings will give you a look that no basic average legging could ever do for you. They will lift, shape, tuck and boost the confidence of any woman who puts them on. I honestly didn’t believe it until I tried them for myself and now I own 4 pairs. They come in a variety of different colours, lengths and fabric, like their Tony style which is a faux leather (which is also totally breathable). Again like everything My Legwear Shop has to offer they are super versatile. I’ve worn mine with with a tank top and flip flops or converse in the summer, with a great top and high boots or heels and I love to match it up with my Deanna Dance Bamboo Top featured above.


Yummie Life Leggings by Heather Thompson $65 to $100 (available in variety of colours and lengths)

There you have it, my top picks from My Legwear Shop for this year’s Holiday Gift Guide picked specifically for YOU! You, not the kids, not the husband, not the teachers but YOU! So stop what you’re doing, it can wait…it’s not gonna go anywhere and jump onto their site and do some shopping. You don’t have to worry about driving to a crazy busy mall and trying to navigate your way through the bumper to bumper parking lot or fight your way through frustrating line ups…you can shop in your pj’s while sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea by your side. You’ll be happy you did and you can find some great stuff to dress up this holiday season and dress down on those stay at home and veg days. PLUS we’ll be giving one lucky Chic Mamma reader the chance to WIN a $75 gift certificate from My Legwear Shop as a little treat from us to you, enter below.

Also don’t forget that if you have a Chic Mamma Card you can SAVE 15% off your order at time of purchase. Click here  for more info on this deal, many more and how to purchase your very own Chic Mamma Card.

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

*contest closes on December 25th and winner will be chosen the week of December 26th*

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Holiday Gift Guide with Glitz Jewellery Boutique


Jewellery is more than an accessory, it often tells a story and holds a special place in our heart. It brings us back to a different place and time where memories were made. I often find myself going through my jewellery box and looking at pieces that I have received over the years and thinking back at that time. Whether it’s the pearl ring my parents got me at the CNE when I was a little girl, the heart locket my husband bought me for our first Christmas when we started dating, the initial charms for each of my kids that I wear around my neck or my daddy’s wedding ring. All are so special, meaningful and sentimental. It doesn’t matter if it cost you the same amount as a mortgage payment or it was less than what a tank of gas would be…it’s all about who it came from and what made them think of you to buy it.

About a year ago I came across this amazing boutique called Glitz Jewellery and fell in love. They have an amazing variety of items for men, women and children. From gold to silver, diamonds and semi precious stones, designer brands and even their own custom designed pieces…they have it all. There are two lines that they carry that I especially love…Chrysalis for the women and Italgem Steel for the men which of course, I just had to feature in this year’s Chic Mamma Holiday Gift Guide.

Chrysalis is a UK company that was launched back in 2007 by co-founders (husband and wife team) Andrea and David. Their love for jewellery joined together with their love for travel and making memories is what kick started their business. They wanted to create something that was meaningful to the wearer and they were able to do that with their signature bangles. Their bangles are stackable which means each individual is be able to create their own personal story. We love these fun and fashionable pieces. They are perfect for gift giving, whether it be for your mom, the wife, a girlfriend, daughter, aunt or even teacher…you can’t go wrong. Available in different colours…silver, gold and rose gold and with a large selection of charms pick from you’ll be sure to find the perfect meaningful gift for the perfect person. Prices range from $35 to $45.



Now let’s talk men…the hard ones to shop for! Over the past couple of years there has been a major shift in men’s jewellery. Men that weren’t really into jewellery are now finding themselves wearing more and more of it and why? Because they are finding the right way to do it and are coming across great new lines that are targeted specifically for men like Italgem Steel direct from Italy. It’s all about style and accessorizing to compliment your look without going overboard and feeling out of place and how do they do that? With bracelets of course! Keeping it simple, classy yet fun. Stack them up or wear them as singles. With options like beads, leather and steel it’s easy to achieve the the look and feel they want. The secret is to match up what on your wrist to what’s in your closet which is why I love this line that I discovered at Glitz Jewellery Boutique. These bracelets make a great gift and are at the perfect price point starting at $45 for their hook and anchor designs. Any daddy would love to get one from his little ones this Christmas and would surely cherish it and keep it close to his heart knowing it was picked out just for him.


Whatever it is that you are looking for when it comes to jewellery and accessories, Glitz Jewellery Boutique has you covered. With a wide variety items and price points, you’ll be sure to leave with the perfect gift. In the meantime since it is the Christmas season and it’s all abut giving, we are very excited to bring you an awesome contest! We’ve teamed up with our good friends over at Glitz Jewellery Boutique to give one lucky winner the chance to WIN a beautiful Chrysalis bracelet of their choice. Wanna WIN? Just enter using the rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*contest closes on December 21st and winner will be chosen on December 23rd*

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Holiday Gift Guide with Signature Little Ones


Sometimes shopping for the wee little ones can be a lot harder than you think. First off babies don’t need much…some clothes, a few toys, what else? They grow so fast so that they don’t really need a crazy wardrobe and there’s only so many toys you can get them…often they just sit there. So, what’s a great gift you can give that will be used and as a bonus makes a great keepsake? Something made just for them from one of our fave Vendors Signature Little Ones Inc.

Signature Little Ones Inc. is known for their personalized keepsake items and so this year I’m really excited to feature them and their newest collection, sublimation printing in our 2017 Chic Mamma Holiday Gift Guide. Sublimation printing is the hottest trend out there when it comes to custom and personalized items and Signature Little Ones Inc. is one of the very few in the country to offer this! What is it exactly? Just think of it as super high-quality printing that is done directly on fabric. It won’t fade, crack or peel and is made to look as if the printing is actually part of the fabric…it’s pretty awesome!


Signature Little Ones Inc. Blanket $62.50


Signature Little Ones Inc. Onesie & Hat Set $49.50

With a variety of items to choose from, colour options and design layouts you can custom create the perfect gift for the perfect little one in your life. Something just for them and something they can use and cherish for years to come.

Plus if you purchase any items from this collection and send Signature Little Ones Inc. copies of your professional photos of your little ones in their new gear they will give you 10% back on your order. So what are you waiting for? Place your order today and find out why we love this hot new collection from Signature Little Ones Inc.

Also don’t forget that if you have a Chic Mamma Card you can SAVE 10% off your order at time of purchase. Click here  for more info on this deal and many more!


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Holiday Gift Guide with KODA NIVOLI


The Chic Mamma Holiday Gift Guide for 2016 has arrived and I’m so pleased and excited to be kicking things off with local Toronto designer Ksenija Dias of KODA NIVOLI!

KODA NIVOLI launched this past spring with their amazing line of luxurious handbags and accessories for women, men and children. Gorgeous statement pieces, quality made and fantastic price points is what they are all about. Since their launch, their products have been seen on TV, in print and of course on the red carpet during TIFF.

This holiday season whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone or that amazing statement piece to complete your look, KODA NIVOLI has you covered. Let me show you exactly what I mean.

For the ladies, we all know that a little black dress can go a long way. Rule of thumb is keep it simple and let the accessories complete your look. Go with a classy look, something a bit funky, trendy, edgey…the choice is yours and it’s really easy to do…just add some amazing arm candy or a great set of earrings from KODA NIVOLI. Have some fun with it, dress it up and create a look that is all you. Prices range from $20 to $90 a piece.

pina 5

Now for the men! There is nothing better than seeing a man all cleaned up, polished and of course sporting a sexy suit. You don’t have to get all fancy but you can have a little fun with it and so this year’s gift guide is featuring these amazing and beautiful KODA NIVOLI cufflinks. It’s the perfect accessory for the man in your life and with a great selection to pick from. The best part is that they range in price between $50 to $70 dollars so if you can’t decide just grab him a few 😉 .

pina 6
Saving the best for last is the brand new KODA NIVOLI Annie clutch! This clutch is oh so CHIC and we are in love with it. It’s the perfect add on to any outfit. Made with the finest lambskin leather or suede this is a MUST HAVE. Available in 4 colours (black, blue, mauve and gold) it will go with a sexy dress or even your fave pair of jeans with rockin’ heels. Throw your cell phone in it, some cash, cards, your fave lipstick and you’re ready for a night on the town. Hold it in your hand or throw on the beautiful chain that comes with it and wear it over your shoulder or as a cross body. We absolutely love this versatile piece from KODA NIVOLI and know you will too!


The Annie clutch is a steal at $149 which is a fab price but we figured that for all our awesome Chic Mamma readers we’d sweeten that up a bit with an additional 15% OFF* and FREE SHIPPING when you use promo code CHIC15 upon checkout on the KODA NIVOLI site at Now you have no reason not to pick one up for yourself and maybe purchase a few more as gifts…honestly, you can’t go wrong!

pina 7*promo code CHIC15 is valid for the ANNIE CLUTCH online only at
* can not be combined with any other coupon or voucher
* valid until Jan 6, 2017
* unlimited use per customer for this product only

So there you have it, our top picks from awesome Toronto brand KODA NIVOLI for this holiday gift giving season. Stay tuned for more from the Chic Mamma Holiday Gift Guide and happy shopping!

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Signature Little Ones does it AGAIN! Vendor Signature Little Ones Inc. is a leader when it comes to personalized items. They offer personalized onesies, birthday outfits, blankets, pillows, baptismal sleepers, bibs, etc…if you can personalize you can bet that they do it! This Canadian (Ontario) home based business knows what’s hot, what’s in, what’s new and offer all of it with only the best quality to their customers.

One of the newest things to hit the personalized world is sublimation printing. You’re probably wondering what sublimation printing is and so the best way to describe it is that it’s a very high-quality, brilliant, lasting image that is undetectable to touch and has unparalleled resistance to washing. Patricia and her team at Signature Little Ones Inc. are one of the first in the country to offer this amazing new technology and are taking things to the next level. Made to order and customized just for you they are super excited to launch this new collection!


I had the chance to speak with Patricia of Signature Little Ones to talk more about sublimation printing as well as get to see, touch and feel the product…it’s absolutely amazing! I actually found out that sublimation printing isn’t something new to Patricia as she has been working behind the scenes taking the time to study the process and master the perfect image before launching this collection. She wanted to make sure that all her customers who order a sublimation piece would walk away having a great one of a kind quality piece they could cherish for a long time. Although sublimation offers unequaled creative freedom, it requires know-how to achieve a final satisfactory result and vivid colours.

Signature Little Ones Inc. signature item for this collection is their personalized blankets are the perfect gift for any parent to be.  A great size for the crib, stroller, laying about, or just to swaddle your new born. It’s an amazing keepsake and stunning photo prop for your newborn pictures. The blankets measure 30” x 40” and they are made with the softest fleece.  The process involved in making these stunning blankets ensures the integrity and the softness of the blanket which stays bright and colorful wash after wash.

More pieces will be introduced to this new collection, but to start they will also be offering their personalized bibs.  These too are made with the softest fleece measuring 8.75” x 14.25” and have a velcro closure. The design covers the entire bib and is not only will this stay bright and colourful no matter how many times you have to wash it.

These beautiful pieces will be offered in a variety of designs with countless colour options making each piece unique and different.

Also stay tuned because other pieces like onesies, baby hats and lovies will be joining the collection soon enough!


To celebrate the fact that sublimation printing is now available at Signature Little Ones Inc. we are going to give away a great prize pack that consists of a custom sublimation printed blanket and bib (prize value $100.00).

Wanna WIN? Here’s how you can ENTER!

1. “FOLLOW” Signature Little Ones Inc. on instagram (
2. Find the contest post and tag a friend.

OR for a second chance to WIN you can do this…

1. “LIKE” Signature Little Ones Inc. on facebook (
2. Find the contest post and “SHARE” it on your personal fb page.
3. Tag a friend on the contest post.

*Contest closes Sunday, September 18th at 11:59pm and winner will be randomly selected the week of September 19th*

For more information on Signature Little Ones Inc. or to place an order visit them online,
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Great Gift Ideas For New Dads

Guest Blog Written By: Chic Mamma Angie Campanelli
(original source Huff Post Parents Canada)

A new born nestled against his dad

Catherine Delahaye via Getty Images

Shopping for dad is two-fold: the gift requires the right amount of meaning combined with practicality/function. When dealing with a new dad — whether that refers to your brother, son, husband, cousin or friend — the gift tends to carry even more weight. It’s an exciting time in his life and you want to mark it with something perfect!

(1) Vader’s Little Princess and Darth Vader and Son books

Don’t let the cover fool you! These books, by Jeffrey Brown, might look like they’re designed for kids but the candid, knee-slapping content is made for Star Wars fans and movie buffs. To personalize it, simply trace your baby’s hand or footprint on the inside cover, write in the date, and you’ve got a thoughtful keepsake.

To buy: (hardcover and kindle edition available)

(2) Personalized cigar holder combined with flask


Nothing says “celebrate” to a man like a good stogie. With this unique idea, you can combine cigar storage and booze in a covert, slick design. Engrave it with your baby’s birth date or your children’s initials and you’ve got a sweet memento.

To buy:
Home Wet Bar
Personalization Mall
The Wedding Shoppe

(3) Ecco Collin Retro Sneaker

2016-05-30-1464615705-5321799-sneaker-thumbI. Am. Obsessed. These shoes, by Ecco, are not only easy on the eyes, but they’re also extremely comfortable. New parents tend to go for long walks and car rides (often trying to soothe baby) so why not slip out in style? Then, as your kids age and you end up chasing them around restaurants and amusement parks, these shoes grow with your needs. They’re always perfectly comfy and chic.

To buy:
Ecco Shoes Canada

(4) Char-Broil Flavour Chamber

giftblogThe BBQing dad will love this! The Char-Broil Flavour Chamber is the best grill-top accessory. From whole chickens to roasts, the chamber system allows you to add smoke, flavour and moisture to your meats and veggies. It’s receiving a ton of positive feedback and for $50 you can’t go wrong. You’ll be the hit of the next backyard BBQ.


To buy:

(5) Noise cancelling head phones


Nearly everyone owns a pair of earbuds, but with a new baby in the house why not give dad the gift of peace and quiet? The Bose Quiet Comfort headphones are a great option. They’re designed to make music and other media more deep and intense sounding. Or, during travel, they can mute out airplane noises and banter (for more on travel gifts visit Family Travel Guide).

Different brands offer their own options and at various price points (from $70+)

To buy:

(6) Wayne Gretzky Clothing Collection at Sears

Wayne Gretzky (CNW Group/Sears Canada Inc.)

Wayne Gretzky (CNW Group/Sears Canada Inc.)

The Great One’s new golf clothing line is the it item for any golfer, athlete or outdoorsy dad. The No. 99 Wayne Gretzky collection, designed and approved by the hockey legend himself, is an exclusive collaboration with another Canadian Icon — Sears. Prices are very reasonable and quality is on-point. The modern designs and patterns (like burned out stripes, worn-looking fabrics and even brighter brights) is a great update and addition to any man’s wardrobe.


To buy:

(7) Cordless Compact drill


From cribs, toys and bookshelves to storage, desks and beds, a new dad will spend countless hours twisting and turning his way through many household D-I-Y projects. Why not save his time and his sanity with the gift of a cordless, power drill? Whether your man is handy or not, a power drill will make him feel powerful.

To buy:
Canadian Tire
Home Depot

(8) Paige Denim Baxter Joggers


These self-proclaimed, “modern answer to stylish comfort” pants are a menswear must-have. Although they look hip in the image, they’re even cooler in person. Most new dads want comfort and these pants provide just that, but they also look very put-together. They’re actually relatively slim in design and have a polished chino-style waist band. The tapered cuff gives them that sporty, contemporary feel and the fabric is soft and wearable.

They’re available in array of washes and the more wear they get, the better they feel and look.

To buy:
Paige Denim Baxter Jogger

(9) Wallet Sleeve


When down on the floor with baby or playing in a park, dad needs to shrink down that often clunky wallet. A great solution is the leather sleeve – it’s perfectly designed to hold a few credit cards, identification, change and cash. It forces your man to edit to the bare essentials. No more bulky back pant pocket.


They’re available in a variety of different brands, sizes and price points. From Tiger of Sweden to Fossil, there’s a design for your new dad.

To buy:
Tiger of Sweden

(10) Luxury Box at a Sporting Event

There’s always one major splurge item on these list and this option is definitely it. When I asked my husband what he would want for Father’s Day he immediately replied, “tickets to join a bunch of my friends in a private box at a baseball game.” Naturally, I looked into pricing and broke into a sweat. But, I wanted to include that idea as an option; if you’ve got a big group of ‘couple’ friends, this could be the ultimate gift of all time.



As my husband pointed out, for $300-$600 per person (depending on venue and add-ons), you can fully stock a luxury suite with a hostess, food, beverages and a large group of guys for the ultimate afternoon or evening out. It all depends on your local venues, suite size and add-on options. If you’re balking at the price, my husband quickly pointed out that men often don’t get many new items throughout the year so this could be the one big ticket present.

So there ya have it! Happy shopping!

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My lashes? It’s a LONG STORY ;)

Makeup? Who the hell has time to put on a full face of makeup when you have a 4 year old, 2 year old and 4 month old…not this Chic Mamma that’s for sure haha! I’ve always been a pretty plain and simple kind a girl, especially when it comes to make up…less is more right? I stick with my concelear to hide my Chic Mamma dark circles, brush on some bronzer to add some colour, throw some lipgloss on and of course we can’t forget the MASCARA! 31b7s5fBa9L

Mascara is probably my most fave item in my makeup bag. What a difference it can make to a look! You could look like complete crap with hair up in a messy bun, a tee and some jeans but the minute you put your mascara on you somehow transform yourself from hot mess Mamma to Chic I’m rockin’ this look Mamma haha.

I recently finished my tube of mascara and though, this might be a good opportunity to try out something new and I’m so glad I did! I called up my girl Natasha Kovar of Arbonne (ok honest to God she’s the MOST AMAZING ARBONNE consultant you will ever meet) and asked her about the Arbonne mascara (It’s A Long Story) I keep hearing about. She gave me the run down and I placed my order.

IMG_5671The minute it came, I ran up to my bathroom (like a giddy school girl) and had to try it out. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it. It curls my lashes that love to poke straight out, adds length, doesn’t smudge, dries well, no flaking or raccoon eyes, separates and defines my lashes and DOESN’T clump them together making them look all gross (thanks to their fantastic wand). Apply a single coat for a more natural look (the look I always go for) or put two or three for a thicker and more dramatic look. It’s also water resistant which is great because anything water proof scares me (thanks but no thanks…not about all those chemicals so close to my eyes) plus it lasts all day long so you’re covered from morning to night with super easy removal. Take a look at my before and after pic and see for yourself…pretty awesome right?!

Since using it I’ve had so many compliments and some people have actually asked if I got extensions lol. I’m in LOVE! I used to spend so much money on designer brands that yes were great and I loved the results but they were missing a green and more natural side to them. It’s A Long Story has that (just like the rest of the Arbonne line) and it’s also vegan which a bonus for those of you who are big on that.

If you’re looking to try out something new give Natasha a call and order yourself a tube, you’ll be so happy you did. This way next time someone stops you to ask about your amazing lashes you too can tell them…It’s A Long Story 😉

While you’re at it be sure to get some of their FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Cream too…best stuff out there! Oh and don’t forget to ask her how you can shop at 20% OFF as a preferred client :)

For more information on Natasha Kovar of Arbonne
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Rolling into 2016 with Valco Baby Canada

It’s a new year and with that comes new and exciting things like the return of Valco Baby products to Canada and we couldn’t be more excited!

All the way from Australia, this family owned and operated business of over 30 years is back after a short hiatus here in Canada. In the past 30 years they’ve worked hard at what they know best; strollers and stroller accessories. I am super excited about this and am now trying to find reasons to sell my existing stroller so I can get one of these 😉 . Not only are they beautiful looking but the functionality is out of this world.

So what can we expect from Valco Baby Canada in 2016? Only the chicest strollers to hit the Canadian market! One of the features I’m loving about these strollers is their “Tailormade” series which adds a touch of luxury to their innovative and functional designs. All models appearing on the Canadian scene this spring will be decked out in Tailor-made fabrics and these models include the Tailormade Snap 4, Snap Duo and Snap Ultra Strollers.


Later on in the year, Valco Baby Canada will also be introducing the Tri Mode X Series that comes in a double and single seat model and with a compatible toddler’s seat. These strollers are what I like to call your all season friendly strollers! Take them on vacation to the beach with you, zip around the city or trek through the snow with ease.


Let me fill you in on these Valco Baby strollers and find out why they’re so awesome!


This light weight stroller (14lbs) is a great single stroller with tons of amazing features. It has a fully reclining seat with built-in support and adjustable footrests, new Tilt-Lock brake system & simple Valco Baby Clean Fold™ technology.

If you’re an on the go type of person, then this compact stroller is worth checking out! Comfort and maneuverability is what it’s all about.



Have you ever had to shop for a double stroller? Not much fun is it?! Trust me I know!

One thing that was big for me when I was shopping around 2 years ago, was size and weight. The Valco Baby Snap Duo has both and is the lightest full featured double stroller on the market today.

My favourite thing about this stroller is that it offers a one handed clean fold and convenient carry strap to give you the ultimate in double stroller convenience.



Expecting a baby and looking for a stroller that will accommodate your child from newborn and up to 45lbs? Well this is it! Use the luxe foot muff to get a bassinet feel for your wee little one and get that beautiful pram style look. As they get older have them sit up and explore the world in front of them, in comfort and style

Like the other Valco Baby strollers you will love this lightweight ride and easy fold down feature that doesn’t require you to remove the seat.


If you are out every day with your little one, no matter if the sun is shining, the rain is coming down or you’re caught in a snow blizzard with slushy and slippery conditions, the Tri Mode X will endure it all and hands down is the stroller for you!

One stroller is all you need as this one will grow with your little one from newborn to toddler and you’ll love the compact fold. Another great feature is the toddler seat which is available and will turn this single stroller into a fantastic double!

Check out the video below and see why this is Valco Baby’s second most requested stroller by Canadian consumers.



Much like the Tri Mode X you’ll love the Duo for your little duo’s. We absolutely love this double stroller and all it’s features. Not only will this sturdy yet versatile all terrain stroller get you through all kinds of weather but it looks great and is super comfortable for your little one.

It’s hard enough trekking around with your little ones but it’s absolutely no fun when one or both are tired and not comfortable. With the Tri Mode X Duo, you’ll love the separate seats, canopies with extra coverage and options like sun screen to get some light in or extend them fully for a little privacy for nap time. Talking about nap time, we love that this stroller has reclining seats, an adjustable footrest and like the Tri Mode X has a super compact fold for a rugged model. That’s a huge bonus in our books!

Do you have a third child? No problem! Just add the twin toddler seat or add on the hitch hiker standing platform and be on your way. One feature we really love is that it’s easy to maneuver and only 29 inches wide which is perfect for anywhere you might go.

As you can see we can expect a lot of great things coming in 2016 from Valco Baby Canada The only problem is choosing just one!

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It’s the 2015 Chic Mamma Holiday Gift Guide


It’s the most wonderful time of the year and I’m here to help you get your shopping underway with our 2015 Chic Mamma Holiday Gift Guide. So pull up a chair, get a cup of hot chocolate ready and sit back, relax and enjoy :) .

Lisa Crispo Photography

logo_1354130697What better way to stop time and capture a memory than with a beautiful photograph from Lisa Crispo Photography. We are constantly taking pictures with our smart phones but when was the last time you had a beautiful portrait taken, one that you can frame and hang on the wall? We always say that it would be so nice to have a beautiful family photo taken but never get around to doing it. Well now is the time, why wait any longer. This holiday season give the gift of family with a gift certificate from Lisa Crispo Photography. With over 20 years of photography experience you can rest assured that you are in great hands.

Signature Little Ones   

signature-little-ones-logo-300x100Looking for a beautiful one of kind personalized keepsake gift for a the little ones in your life? Well then Signature Little Ones is your go to place. Offering a variety of beautiful items that can be customized just the way you like. Quality products like plush robes, blankets, clothing, and all can be personalized to make your gift extra special. Can’t pick a particular item? Not a problem, just pick up a gift certificate and let them pick.

Dine Alone Lullabies

Dine Alone

The gift of music while helping a great cause is exactly what you’ll get when you buy the Dine Alone Lullabies album! Dine Alone Records is proud to announce a very special album of children’s lullabies, featuring 16 tracks from some of the label’s best-loved artists. Casey Cole, of Sparrow Sleeps, has transformed familiar songs from City and Colour, Alexisonfire, Arkells, Jimmy Eat World, and many more into soothing and beautifully haunting soundscapes that children and parents alike will enjoy for years to come. The album is available via iTunes, as well as on CD through Dine Alone Records webstore and in various record stores including HMV. All proceeds will be donated to SickKids Foundation to support the highest priority needs at the hospital so staff can continue to provide exceptional care.

Petite & Posh

Lil Fairy DoorsIt’s time to invite the fairies into your home with ‘lil Fairy Door! In a world filled with so many things that make our children grow up so quickly, ‘lil Fairy Door believes in offering a way to keep our little ones young while they’re young. These little doors open up to world of imagination and creativity which is exactly what our little ones need. Once in place the fairies will use the door to come in and visit at night when your little one sleeps. The fairies are known for leaving special notes and gifts for the well behaved children. This Christmas pick up a ‘lil Fairy Door from Vendor Petite and Posh to put under your tree.

Lux Spa

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.41.41 PM

What do you get the person who has everything? You get them the closest thing to time as possible and what’s that you ask? Time to relax and unwind with Toronto’s BEST mani and pedi at Vendor LUX-spa for Hands abd Feet. Pick from a variety of different mani’s and pedi’s like mani-LUX, shel-LUX, choco-LUX, hydra-LUX, herba-LUX, rescue me-LUX and more! The best part is that you don’t even need to leave home to purchase this gift. Give them a call today and buy over the phone at 416.921.1680 or online at

Zero 20 Kids


Some of the best gifts to give are practical and useful! Some may think that those gifts are boring but not when you shop at Vendor Zero 20 Kids. Zero 20 Kids has been in business for over 30 years and if anyone knows kids and kids fashion it’s them and boring is something they are not. This Christmas, stuff those stocking with great items like their funky socks at $14.95 each or a Canada Goose toque that comes in a variety of colours for $40 each. If you’re going to do something, do it right ;).

Freedom Medi Spa

Nothing says I love you, you’re awesome, you’re amazing, you’re the best – like a Freedom gift certificate. Purchase a gift certificate and receive 10% off AND just for giving the gift of Freedom and spreading the word, you will receive a FREE pack of our new multi-award winning Juicy Bamboo organic cleansing cloths! …Because the holidays are about giving AND receiving. Get yours today by visiting them in person, giving them a call at 647.799.0400 or email them at 

Glama Gal Tween Spa


Tweens! So hard to shop for…UNTIL NOW! Check out this awesome Ultimate Tween GLAM Box from Vendor Glama Gal Tween Spa.
“The gift that keeps on giving!” Includes:
*BE YOU! Tween Chocolate Facial Mask
*2 Glampsiration & Co. Nail Shine Polishes
*2 Bathspiration Bath Bombs
*Glamspiration Cotton Headband
*Be Confident! Be Positive! BE YOU! Bracelet
*Glama Friend Forever Discount Card
*Mini Mani & Cucumber Facial Mist Gift Card
Visit a Glama Gal Tween Spa location near you to pick one up today for just $59!



It’s time to get that active little person in your life a gift that they’ll truly enjoy…a gift from Gymalaya! With locations in Vaughan and Newmarket, Gymalaya is York Region’s newest gymnastics club. They offer recreational gymnastics classes designed specifically for young children to help build physical, mental and social skills while having fun. Gymalaya also offers private age-appropriate gymnastics birthday parties and seasonal camps all led by their qualified coaches. Visit them online or give them a call at 905.760.5655 (Vaughan) or 905.868.8200 (Newmarket) for more information and to order your gift certificates.

Well, there you have it, our 2015 Chic Mamma Holiday Gift Guide with gift ideas for everyone in your life. Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays from the team here at

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